Monday, February 2, 2015

Strange Shofar Sounds in Israel

HT: Yaak

A mysterious sound of the shofar in Ramat Gan.

[Click on the EARTH SOUNDS link below to see more shofar noises around the world]



lioness said...

I heard these same noises. Moshiach is coming! Amen.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me, but it sounded like furniture being moved around on tiled flooring.
Also heard laughter of a kid?

I do know that as we come to the end of the world as we know it, there will be signs and wonders that one will see. So...
does it also include sounds?

Devorah said...

Do you know what a shofar sounds like?
And yes it does include sounds or ''voices''.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Devorah, and no I have not heard a shofar 'live' but have heard it on videos, and the sounds were different.
Any way, if Mashiach is coming, i am happy as i do not like how our world has become.
Bless you.

Anonymous said...

Not sure, sounds a little fishy. I know very well what a shofar sounds like and this sounds more like a 'screeching' or something like that type of a sound. Wondering if those who are promoting this universal religion are also behind these sounds. Remember we are to remember about false prophets and their machinations and not to fall into their traps.
Hoping Moshiach is really on his way and we, yehudim, will know the real one!

LondonMale said...

Perhaps this website will explain?

Anonymous said...

Unless I hear it for myself, it's a fake. There is no way to verify the authenticity of the video. it's very simple to film a video, and then add shofar sounds in the video during an editing process. you can't be naive in life.

Anonymous said...

This weeks Torah Portion is Yitro which contains the following...

Shemot 19

16 And it came to pass on the Yom HaShelishi when the boker was breaking, that there were thunderings and lightnings, and a heavy cloud upon HaHar, and the blast of the shofar exceeding loud; so that kol HaAm that was in the machaneh trembled with terror.

17 And Moshe led HaAm forth out of the machaneh to encounter HaElohim; and they stood at the foot of HaHar.

18 And Mt. Sinai was altogether smoking, because Hashem descended upon it in eish; and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of the furnace, and kol HaHar shook violently.

19 And when the sound of the shofar was moving [closer], and grew louder and louder, Moshe spoke, and HaElohim answered him in thunder.

It's real all right!

And don't miss...

Michoh 7

15 According to the days of thy coming out of Eretz Mitzrayim will I show unto it marvellous things.
16 The Goyim shall see and be ashamed at all their might; they shall lay their hand upon their mouth, their ears shall be deaf.
17 They shall lick the aphar (dust) like the nachash, like crawlers that crawl on eretz (ground) they will come trembling out of their dens; they shall be afraid of Hashem Eloheinu, and shall turn in fear because of Thee.

These are the days before Pesach!

Buckle up!


Anonymous said...

Well its 11/9/15 and I'm in Australia. I have heard the shofar sound a week apart in the afternoon. The second time it happened my siter was with me to verify that she heard it to. It was the Tekiah sound. I only knew that because after praying I was motivated to look up Shofar sounds. It was the exact sound of the Tekiah blown on a shofar! This doesn't usually hapen to me. I'm a christian, and I believe there was a reason I heard it, but as yet I don't understand?