Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Latest Rabbi Kessin Video

Rabbi Mendel Kessin: Understanding events of the 21st Century and stopping Iran:
Recorded in Israel August 31, 2015.

Rabbi Mendel Kessin, Shlit'a, delves into Jewish Mysticism (Kabbalah) and eloquently explains the workings of Hashem behind the scenes of every Historical event since the Sin of Adam up until today, as we are fully in the End of Days. He clearly shows the secret of Jewish success in Hashem's Eyes and what Am Yisrael must do to bring the Mashiach and to restore the World to it's original Holiness in the World that is HERE!


Devash said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What an excellent shiur. Now I also understand why this pope is a disaster. Because not only is usa in descent (with Obama at the helm ) but the Satan i.e. ChristIanity is also falling. This pope just now said he is pardoning women who had abortions. This is a fundamental change in the church from what I understand. I think. Further proof that the Satan us running out of power......fast.
Excellent shiur. Thanks,

Anonymous said...

At 1:17 approximately he says it will still be another 10-15 years...
Sad that it will still be that long.
This is what I have been saying all along. We do not know the timeline of Hashem.
Does not look like it will be 5776 according to what he says. Please listen to this part he says it very clearly


CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

Hi, Mark. the Rav is very clear that Geula depends on when Iran gets the bomb. The Absolute Truth blog says Iran already has the bomb. He calls on his military knowledge that missiles must be designed according to the payload they will carry; and Iran has missiles. Most people are not aware of this connection.

I found this: http://www.iranintelligence.com/arsenal

GHADR-1 (-110/-101/-F)

Range: 1,000-1,200mi (1,800-2,000km)

Payload: Single Warhead

Propolsion: First Stage: Liquid; Second Stage: Solid Propellant

Status: Operational (2007)


The Ghadr-1 is a medium-range ballistic missile (MRBM). Sources indicate that the missile has a maximum range of 1800 km, which would allow it to attack targets in Israel and across the Middle East. The missile is believed to be operational since at least 2007/2008, however there has been no conclusive evidence or visible tests to confirm. In March 2006, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) claimed that Iran had ramped up its development of the Ghadr-1 and added that the new missile was expected to be entirely complete in one year’s time.

The Ghadr-1 is an improved Shahab variant, measuring slightly longer than the Shahab-3 and having a nose cone with a "baby-bottle" shape, as opposed to the more traditional nose cone of the Shahab 3. The Ghadr has increased manueverability and reports indicate the it could be designed to carry a nuclear payload. (my emphasis - CDG)

They have had this since 2007. Let he who understands, understand.

If this isn't enough, research more.

Anonymous said...

Yes he does say that. He also says "10, 15 years max" for Iran to begin threatening the world. Meaning its not happening in a year. This is quote from what he says above that I put the video time to hear.
Also israel has said so many times Iran is a year away, 6 months away. I do not believe accurate info exists if Iran has the bomb or not. Israel has given so many different time frames which shows even with their advanced inteligence they still don't know how close Iran is or how far.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the shiur he also says that according to a Zohar it will be another 15 years.
Still a whiles away....לצערי.

Devorah said...

The 10-15 years that Rabbi Kessin is referring to is Techiat HaMeisim 210 years prior to the year 6000.....
'' there are some sources -- the Zohar (Midrash Ne'elam - Toldot 140a), and the "Leshem Shevo v'Achlamah"(Drushei Olam HaTohu, 2:4:12:9-12) -- that suggest that this period will begin no later than 210 years in advance of Year 6000. '' See: http://www.aish.com/jw/s/48883092.html

But we all know Moshiach can come before then, and I encourage Him to do so !

210 years is also the amount of time the Israelites were in Mitzrayim.

Leah said...

"max 10-15 years". Hashem can bring Moshiach at any time. I believe for many years that Iran has had bombs. The Arabs are a very patient people and they have stated that they can wait for many more years... Khomeini, ysvy, stated, "The Iranian people are but a small price to pay in order for us to achieve our goals." (To blow up Israel and the US (G-d forbid.)
They, however are not the do all tell and end all to any of this. Hashem is in control. If you look at some of the other prophecies that are at the very end, which is where we find ourselves, one can see that it is not so much longer.
Mishgav zachar ketuvos (gay marriage certificates)
Selling of human flesh in the market place (think Planned Parenthood)
There is a tremendous falling of spirituality in the world and it does impact the entire world.
Gedolei HaDor remind us that the geulah is imminent.

What they don't realize is that there is an end point and we are getting closer each day in leaps and bounds.
Look at Damascus and the tug of war that is taking place there. Damascus's fall is also a nevua at the End of Days. Russia is now there all the while denying in typical Russian fashion that is has anything to do with anything... Bashar Assad's days of being "king" in Syria is sinking quickly as he holds on to his "titanic" by his fingernails and a lot of "help" from his "friends." Can this man not look out of his living room window and see that outside of his compound it looks like an inferno combined with nothing but rubble and 5 - 7 million of his country men and women leaving on foot as refugees?
Just what in the world is this man a king of?!?!
How long can his military keep giving up it's men by the thousands. ISIS is a hungry dog who is biting to get close to Damascus...They, so far are gaining ground and they show no signs of stopping. ISIS recently blew up the Syrian arms depot for crying out loud. They did so after Assad went on t.v to announce how everything is okey dokey...
How about South Korea? The EU? China and US economic state

Yes, Iran is a part of it, yet there are other pieces to this and we are experiencing these events and the rapidity at which this is taking place should tell us to hold on to our hats because it is building up....
In other words, we need to take a look at the whole picture not just Iran....
It's ELUL- teshuva and tefilla and tzedakah......

Neshama said...

I heard in a magnificent shiur that the Geula might not be prevented from occurring because not enough of Jews did teshuva, but BECAUSE the evil in the world has exceeded its limit and therefore HaShem could propel the Geula, and in so doing schlep the Jews along out of Golus as a result! It was a truly mind/eye opening shiur given by a very studious Rebbetzen!

Neshama said...

This is one of the best posts I've read in a long time! Especially because of the very aware and passionate commenters.

Anonymous said...


Another must hear Shiur...


- a Yid

Anonymous said...

1. Amazing shiur
2. Thank you so much for posting this (and for introducing me to Rav Kessin shlita with previous shiurim).
3. We're so lucky to have rabbis like him, putting it all together for us.
4. Regarding the timing of the Geula Shleima and Moshiach Tsidkeinu, he can come TODAY!!!! Rav Kessin is merely pointing out the general direction of events and the time by which Moshiach has to come. He's not claiming to know or predict the exact day. In the meantime we all have to do our utmost (Torah, mitzvot, tefila, gmilut chasadim etc ) to hasten the happy day.
4. My current "Rabbi line-up" includes: Rav Mizrahi (something of a chasid of his!); Rav Zamir Cohen (weekly class on hidabroot); Rav Kessin; Rav Alon Anava (a newbie for me, he has an amazing story and very good shiurim). I also like Rav Wallerstein and Rav Shacter. Ken Yirbu!

Devorah said...

For people like me who can't get enough of Rabbi Kessin, here is the link to a whole load of his past shiurim: You Tube

Anonymous said...

See Rav Alon Anava


@1hr 25min he talks about Moshiach, including saying that each one of us will have a private meeting with Moshiach in which we'll be asked what we did to hasten the redemption. He didn't say whether or not Moshiach will speak with women, but I heard somewhere that Moshiach is actually male and female, like Mordechai and Esther.

@ 2hr 3min he talks about how he sees Moshiach coming "mamash achshav", B"D. "geula befetach".

Anonymous said...

Rav Alon Anava on Chodesh Elul

Anonymous said...

No one knows the exact time and date of Moshiach's arrival. As far as Iran having the bomb, have read a # of years ago from many sources that they do already have it. All the news is for public consumption, nothing less. It's all playacting. Enemies are friends, all to confuse the public. The day is near when they will all show their true color and unite openly to go up against Israel. Believe the time span of 10 - 15 years means the timeline for techiyat hameisim. Also, saw a video a # of years ago where Rabbanit Elyashiv was lecturing and said there will be wars between Edom/Yishmael for 27 years. Counting from the Gulf War, this would mean 24 years have already transpired; likely full revelation of Moshiach Tzdkeinu might be 2018 (wherever there is '8', there are miracles). Only the One Above knows for sure, when.

Anonymous said...

Mark - It is much better stated (as many others have done) that 5790 is the "latest" that Moshiach can come. So that means he can still come at any time, and also the resurrection of the dead (for 210 years - up until the year 6000) has to begin no later than 5790 (see Zohar's wording on this. yb in Jerusalem

Anonymous said...

Great! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I happen to like the year 2018 (as to a speculation for the public revelation of Moshiach) because it will be 70 years since the birth of the current Medina (State of Israel) in 1948. However, we need to be ready and prepared (physically and even more so spiritually) for him to arrive literally at any moment. yb in Jerusalem

Brian said...

Thank you Devorah (And Eliezer) Classic R' Kessin Shiur! I had been watching all the recorded shurim for like the 5th time...lol

Abby True said...

Thanks for posting Rabbi Kessin's shiur. This Rav is a hidden treasure.