Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Why Moshiach is an Outcome of Learning Chassidus

A shiur by Rabbi Glick


Goldie ZP said...

I have been engrossed in learning chassidus with Rebbitzen Tsyrl Turen of Bnos Rabbeinu. I listen at work, I listen at home. Rebbitzen Turen has put a book together on the talks of the Rebbe Mh"M in which he gives over that the nonjews are ready for this concept of bringing moshiach through our actions,mitzvots and much more I have this book in a word document if anyone wishes to read. We need to gather 10 women to study...much more to say but I must get back to Pesach cleaning

angela said...

Even today in the learning of weekly Parshas... we learned that it took Moses 7 Days... . to teach Aaron and his sons the proper ways to offer sacrifices and what is expected for The Mishkan...

Could it be possible... that these “7 Days” would also represent something very high.... Possibly to represent the 7000 years fully that it would take to make ...The Man/Ish/Mishkan ... in order that It would be a proper dwelling Place for the Presence of HaShem?

6000 years until the coming of Moshiach, 1000 years of Moshiach’s reign, and then we go into the 8th Day.... the Day that all men would know and be taught of HaShem , and this knowledge would cover the globe at this point like the waters cover the earth?

This long process that has taken over 5500 years so far/ 5 and a half Days... for man to come to the place or time of wanting to see, and wanting once again, like in The Garden... The Presence of our Creator... and this deep desire within man draws the very Presence of HaShem to become exposed to this world once again, because of the long work it took/ 7 Days.... for man to become this vessel to want the Presence of HaShem in “his world” once again .... finally?

Anonymous said...

Hm. The Moshiach would come regardless and because. Every action we take is of free will, yet God incorperated it into His plan. His plan to create Himself, so that He may create the world to create Himself. Thus again we see the loop, yet the loop is not a circle, but one of infiniti, because God is infinite. When we reach the center, the point where the loop intersects, that is when He will be ready, and it will be when the World is ready. Soon.

Anonymous said...

This is way, way over my head...

Just let him come already! ! !

DAYEINU ! We've had enough of this Galut.

And so has the Holy Presence (Shechina) and is waiting (im)patiently

for our final 'push'. ie We must keep on 'polishing the buttons' and

never, ever give up!

Anonymous said...

So very interesting.
Thanks for posting this, Dvora.

Just a bit of 'trivia'.

Did you know that this year is 3330 years since our REDEMPTION from Egyptian Bondage / Golus Mitzrayim.

This Shavuos will, obviously, also be 3330 years since we received the TORAH at Har Sinai.

Do you or any of your readers know what the significance of this 3330
years might be?

I really would like to know.

Have a wonderful, happy, healthy and Kosher PESACH!

Devorah said...

Regarding the 3330 years, see Yeranen Yaakov's blog click here<br

JAH said...

Indeed, or follow Pinchas Winston ( I believe he too mentions it.