Wednesday, April 24, 2019

What Can We Expect When Moshiach Comes

Rabbi Alon Anava, uploaded last week


Anonymous said...

What do you expect when you read news like this"

and then:

Such a shame..

and then some Jewish blogs stir up horrid hatred against non Jews.

Very hurtful..

Anonymous said...

Sorry, this is a new spin that I'm hearing here about techiyat hameisim. I've learned that when every Jewish soul will return, it will reunite with his/her family. Reincarnation is a whole different story. H', in His Infinite Goodness, will reunite loved ones and I do not believe that this is another version or whatever of reincarnation. Did not the Prophet Yechezkel prove to us what will one day be again about the dry bones where the bones and flesh reunite and they lived again. What is it with all these different interpretations?

Devorah said...

I’ve learnt that Not every incarnation will return. Depends on many things such as how that soul behaved in its lifetime. We get several chances at it in different incarnations and the best life we lead is the one that returns during techias hamaysim. Wicked people don’t get to return. Not sure if that answers your concerns here.

Anonymous said...


Fresh news..

and I believe the Jewish family..

Mashiach please come already...

Anonymous said...

At the End of Days every soul that was originally created by Hashem will reincarnate. This is because all the souls have to be judged in yom hadin. Those souls notworthy of the eternal life will be annihilated.
We are almost at the yom hadin time when the approx 7 and a half billion people live now. Our relatives we know should be alive already. Have a look around and identify them. שר

Anonymous said...

We need to remember that Chazal tell us that every Jewish neshamah has a portion in the world to come. Those who were that evil probably never had a Jewish soul. We had about 2 million mixed multitudes (Egyptians and others) who came along with us at yetziat Mitrayim. We are not talking about evil people because true evil does not exist amongst 'us'. Chazal also teaches us that kol Yisrael are tzadikim. So, let us not judge because the Ultimate Judge is Hakadosh Baruch Hu and He is the Ultimate Good!