Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Old Path

A Jewish family on the outskirts of a small village in Russia believed that their grandfather had buried a treasure under a tree, along the road from Bialystok to Slonim when he was fleeing from the Cossacks. One member of the family earnestly determined to find the treasure. He dug under every tree along the road, but in vain. Though exhausted, he continued his search.

An old man, passing by, noticed the young man with spade in hand, perspiration trickling down his forehead. "What are you looking for?" he asked.

"I am searching for a treasure my grandfather buried along this road." was the reply.

"You'll never find it" the elderly passerby smiled. "In your grandfather's days people went along the old path, and you are looking along new paths of which your grandfather knew nothing."

Moral: Jews seek spiritual riches along new roads, unaware that the most beautiful treasures can be found only along the old ones.


Anonymous said...

a wonderful and apt lesson today for us noahides too. good , so good to see you back, theresa

Anonymous said...

Wow, so true, such wisdom.
Thank you!