Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Women Unite for Fogel Family

A Jewish response to tragedy is to add light to this dark world. Women around the world are uniting to light candles for this coming shabbat, March 18, in merit of the holy souls of members of the Fogel family murdered mercilessly. Please check your local Shabbat candle lighting time and make this your status. May Hashem have pity on his children.

Guys, please remember if you live on your own, you can also join in by lighting the candles for shabbat or you can get family and friends to do so!

Please note that if you already light shabbat candles, it is better not to add extra candle in their memory, but rather invite a friend who does not light to do so. If you keep shabbat you may choose to light the candles a little earlier.

May Hakodosh Boruch Hu inundate our world with his light and the light of peace and may the holy neshamot (souls) of these special people who lived for Israel and for peace enjoy eternal life and be our emissary in asking G-d for peace...

Click here for Facebook page and add yourself to the 11,000 plus names already there.

"A small amount of light dispels a great deal of darkness" [Tanya Ch. 12]

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Princess Pana said...

I've signed up for this already!

It is a lovely initiave. Friday night at sundown, a transformation occurs in Jewish households across the world. As the sky becomes darker, our hearts become lighter. The lady of the household welcomes the Shabbat Queen in & the Magic begins ..... The anxieties from the past week melt away, the darkness of our lives and we enter the peace and joy of Shabbat.

Let us remember the Fogel Family this coming Shabbat. For those who are remembered do not die & they shall live again on this first Shabbat after their passing!