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Obama and the Evil at the End of Days

This article was first published in 2008.  Since then, I have published it several times.....  a chilling scenario of where we are right NOW!

IDENTIFYING THE EVIL AT THE END OF DAYS - by Joel Gallis a"h and Dr. Robert Wolf

Yaakov [Jacob] called for his sons and said, האספו , gather and assemble yourselves. That is, unify and become a single nation with לב אחד , one heart, and I’ll tell you about your descendants' redemption at the end of days. When you have a לב אחד , [gematria of 45], then you will have a גאולה, a redemption, [gematria of 45] at the end of days. But there was no unity among the brothers. There still were bad feelings and finger pointing among them. They did Tshuvah with respect to their brother Yosef, but with respect to each other, they were separate tribes. And so, Yaakov could not reveal to them what would befall their descendants at the end of days. He thought that perhaps one of his sons had sinned. He then searched the names of each of his 12 sons to see if the letters ח or ט, the main letters of the word for sin, were present in any of his son’s names. He was relieved when he realized that these letters were absent from their names. He then thought that perhaps their lack of achdus was worse than he imagined. If so, their merit to learn about the future final redemption was lost. Yaakov then searched their names again to see if the letters ק and ץ from the word קץ [end] were present in any of their names. Once again these letters were absent from all 12 names.

Yaakov then realized the extent of their disunity and began to give them various brochos. Although he was not allowed to tell about events affecting the Jewish People thousands of years in the future, Yaakov had already hinted at the identity of the evil that would befall their descendants at the time of the end. He also hinted that the lack of unity that they possessed would continue until the final days. For the gematria of האספו is 152, and that is the same as the phrase עד היום הזה [until this day]. For until this very day, there still has not been achdus, or unity, among the Jewish People.

However, there was one brief period of time of a לב אחד , at Mount Sinai when the Jewish People received the Torah. This unity lasted until Moshe’s death, and because of it, Moshe was able to tell the Jewish People before he died what will occur to their descendants at the end of days. He said that the Jewish People would stray from the path of Torah, and that if they angered Hashem through the work of their hands, במעשה ידיכם  then evil would befall them, וקראת , at the end of days. The only other time this word וקראת is used in the 5 Books of Moses, is when Hagar was told that she would have a son, and she should call him וקראת , by the name Yishmael. This word, וקראת , which normally is connected to proclaiming and voicing something, is surprisingly used here to tell us that when evil befalls the Jewish People, it was proclaimed in heaven and does not happen by chance. So just what is the connection between Yishmael and the end of days? The connection is that the descendants of Yishmael are the evil that will befall the Jewish People at that time. We will anger G-d through the work of our hands, במעשה ידיכם [a gematria of 501], and the evil of the ישמעאלים [also a gematria of 501] will befall us.

So what could we have possibly done with our hands that would anger Hashem? With our very own hands, we finance and work to put the wrong people in power over us. This action results in our downfall. By putting into power leaders in Israel who don’t believe in G-d, we help bring about a spiritual collapse. And by electing dangerous leaders in America and other countries, we assist in bringing our physical and moral downfall. We vote for these people, we put them in power, and we raise money for them. This inappropriate work of our hands will bring evil upon us in the form of Yishmael.

For not only is 501 the value of במעשה ידיכם [the work of our hands], and our punishment, the ישמעאלים , but it is also connected to the next President of the United States that we are helping put in power through Jewish efforts. For 501 is also the gematria of ראש - representing the new head, or leader of America.

So who will be the new ראש of America? Our readers probably will be shocked to learn that 501 is also the gematria of ברק חוסיין אובאמה - Barack Hussein Obama. Hashem watches as countless Jews, especially in Hollywood, California, rush to send their money to Obama’s campaign chest. And so, with our own hands we are in the process of taking a descendant from Yishmael and placing him as our Rosh in the White House, just 7 years after 9/11. He is indeed the evil that will befall us at the end of days, the evil that Moses spoke to our ancestors about. But there are those who argue that Obama is youthful and energized in his appearance and his ideas. Why shouldn’t we believe him when he says the magic words that he is a friend of Israel? How do we really know he’s dangerous to us? Not only is his name the same gematria as Yishmaelim, evidencing that he is a Muslim although he denies it, but it also has a further connection to a wave of impending evil against the Jews and the rest of the world. At our Passover seders we spill a drop of wine when we mention each of the 10 plagues, and also when we mention the abbreviation of those plagues by saying דצך עדש באחב . Well this abbreviation of the 10 plagues also has a gematria of 501, the same as Barack Hussein Obama and the Yishmaelim.

Obama and radical Muslims will bring as much havoc, destruction, and confusion to the world as all the 10 plagues together brought to Egypt. It’s interesting how Rabbi Yehudah, who made the acrostic or abbreviation of the plagues, took the first Hebrew letter of each plague. However, with respect to the last plague, מכת בכרות , the killing of the first born, he took the bais [the first letter of the 2nd word of the plague], rather than the mem [the first letter of the first word]. Perhaps he knew that in the future, during the end of days, there would be an Obama. Perhaps his message is a warning to us that has been encoded in the Haggadah for nearly 2 thousand years until today.

The foreign minister of Hamas has recently endorsed Obama for president. The Los Angeles Times devoted a lengthy front-page story headlined, “Allies of Palestinians see a friend in Barack Obama.” Ali Abunimah, a resident of Obama’s district, claims that Obama said several years ago when running for the Senate, that he was sorry he couldn’t talk more about the Palestinian cause since his primary campaign had constrained what he could say. Daniel 7 [25] deals with the last king of the 4th beast of exile who will humble 3 other kings. Rav Saadia Gaon stated that the 3 kings or leaders who will be humbled, are from Israel, Greece [representing Europe], and Yishmael [representing the Arab nations]. This haughty, arrogant king will speak words against G-d and the Jewish People, and he will try to change the times and the law. How interesting is it that this very word, change, is the key word used by Obama in his campaign?

The coded, end of days message that Yaakov gave over to his sons was not deciphered by them. But our generation, the generation alive at the end of days, can understand the clues and break the code. In Yaakov’s statement there are four words אשר יקרא אתכם באחרית [that will befall you in the end]. The word אשר that describes the identity of the evil has a gematria of 501 the same as Barack Hussein Obama. And if you look at the word באחרית , in the end, the first 3 letters contain the initials of Obama. The bais is for ברק Barack, the aleph is for אובאמה Obama, and the ches is for חוסיין Hussein. May Hashem protect us from this evil and bring Mashiach speedily in our days.

In the verses below, starting from the א of the first נשיא [President], every 7 letters spell out the name Obama in Hebrew:

א ויהי דבר-יהוה, אלי לאמר. ב בן-אדם, שים פניך אל-גוג ארץ המגוג--נשיא, ראש משך ותבל; והנבא, עליו. ג ואמרת, כה אמר אדני יהוה: הנני אליך, גוג--נשיא, ראש משך ותבל. ד ושובבתיך, ונתתי חחים בלחייך; והוצאתי אותך ואת-כל-חילך סוסים ופרשים, לבשי מכלול כלם--קהל רב צנה ומגן, תפשי חרבות כלם.
[Translation] And the word of the Lord came unto me, saying
Son of man, set thy face toward Gog, of the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him,
and say: Thus saith the Lord God: Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, chief prince of Meshech and Tubal;
and I will turn thee about, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed most gorgeously, a great company with buckler and shield, all of them handling swords:


s said...

speaking of seven, his seventh term is soon

Anonymous said...

The world is so entrenched in madness, it cannot see the forest for the trees. Stupid ignorant people condemning Israel, political correctness gone mad. This is the Evil at the End of Days. Oh yeh.

Anonymous said...

Excellent shiur here: Why Is Israel's Legitimacy Questioned?

Anonymous said...

במעשה ידיכם [the work of our hands] means that when we trusted Hashem to protect us and didn't take this war into our own hands, He did. Once we took this into our own hands, we suffered the consequences. A test of emuna? That is what Hashem wants from us.

Devorah Chayah said...

‘Those three boys saved the nation’

[At the shloshim] ...Noting how their deaths have galvanized a once divided nation, newly sworn-in President Reuvin Rivlin said '... it is uniting the religious, secular rich, poor, right, left, and making us all one.'

...Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel Yitzhak Yosef echoed the evening’s theme of tragedy leading to solidarity.

'What happened to those kids brought unity to the nation,' he said. 'It is ok not to think the same way, but we must be united.”

Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel David Lau reiterated Yosef’s sentiments.

“We have one nation and one heart, and even if we disagree we are one,” he said. “We prayed for them to come back and they died, but those prayers have remained.””

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 1:37pm: I think the maaese y'deichem is to be interpreted as the stupidities and wrongs we have done: the liberalism of Israeli and galut Jews (especially American Jews) who have thrown away their heritage and by not adhering to Torah and true emuna in H' and by not wiping out our enemies at the very start as commanded, and with the erev rav leading the nation to be a part of other nations instead of relying totally on H'. When the Jewish nation goes to war to defend E.Y. and the bnei Yisrael, it is doing a kiddush H' and doing His Bidding, but only when the nation goes to war to be totally victorious, then Hashem is totally with us. Now at keitz hayamim, everything is going exactly the way H' is pulling the strings because He is hastening the Geulah and we must also do our teshuvah and pray that it will be with rachamim rabim for Yisrael and for the righteous of the world.

Anonymous said...

"anger him with the work of our hands?" It is Zionism. A direct violation of the 3 oaths. Built with our own hands in opposition to the Torah.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:18, thank you for spelling out what I have already feared. Those who watch what BHO is doing can see it is as you say. It is very frightening.

May G-D prevent it and bring Moshiach.

Shefa said...

This is very profound, because I recall when he was elected I wrote to a colleague stating I had a dream of this man coming from the pit and he had a Muslim marking with long tail. He looked like a beast I shared and that America has chosen the wrong leader for the White House. This was the morning of his election. My people did not believe when I stated each Jew is responsible for their choice in electing him to the White House. We are all seeing this, but Hashem is gather His flock out of here. Thank you for sharing this. "He that have ears let him hear"

Anonymous said...

the letter ג means that there is a new sentence, it is not part of the lettering that is in an actual written Torah.
I dispute the validity of this claim the אובאמה is in the sentence based on a count of every 7 letters.
So if you are true to your claim, then you end up with אובמרו and not אובאמה

Devorah said...

The letter Gimel was not counted, so your theory is wrong. Count again. Disregard the Gimel which is, as you say, part of the lettering.

Yehudis Schamroth said...

Where are you getting the commentaries of Joe Gallis zt'zl? When he had his internet radio program he had me riveted to the chair in anticipation of what he would say next about the end of days.I miss that show- thanks for bringing back a good memory and picking up where he left off.

Devorah said...

These are his writings from 2007. I miss him a lot too.

Anonymous said...

Watch this video, Obama the muslim:

Dov Bar-Leib said...

INHO, one can only apply Torah codes with equivalent skip difference tableaus to the Torah (The Chumashim) itself and not to Navi. The Torah was given by G-d letter by letter, word by word. Sefer Devarim which was written by Moshe Rabbeinu was also inspired by G-d to be given over letter by letter, word by word. Navi are visions shown by G-d to the Navi, but the visions are expressed in the words of the Navi. So the principle of equivalent skip distances does not usually apply to Navi. In short the visions of the Navi are true, but the language which appears in the text of Navi'im are the letters, words, and syntax of the Navi.

So the principle of equidistant skip distances only applies to the Five Books of Moshe for this reason. The Yechezkel 38 example above, therefore, cannot be used as a prophesy of Obama being Gog.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

I believe that is why Rav Matityahu Glazierson shlita sticks with the Torah itself when he does a shiur with Torah codes.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

EBoLa is the epidemic to fight the EViL gathering against the Jewish people at the End of Days. And now it seems that if PIgs are the carriers the virus can go airborne through the vehicle of tiny water droplets

The name Ebola is just too pat....It does sound way too much like Evil because they have the same transliterated Shoresh.

Anonymous said...

Don't trust a Government who betrayed, betrays & ignores the right of its civilians living safely! Our government lost credibility and morals .. they are more concerned about the residents of GAZA and not to harm the Terrorist Enemy State than they are for our citizens...

IDF, MOSAD were silence for the past 5 years & they knew all about the Tunnels but Netanyahu & his Cabinet bunch of Lefty Self Hating Jews did nothing to avoid the Tunnel & Rockets Issue! Our Anti G-d Zionist Government is the Cause of our Miseries in Israel .. they Allow and sponsor GAY PARADE's in the Holy Land in JERUSALEM!!..

They sacrifice the Life of our Young Heores for Pointless War without destroying the Enemy... in this WAR we LOST! We have to Admit that we lost since 63 Soldiers lost their lives for Politics... we could have finished the WAR with the Terrorist GAZA state in a day but they chose to endanger the life our Soldiers our young heroes by insane policy of don't shoot unless you are shot at! watch for Terrorist Civilians in GAZA and that caused 63 innocent lives.. SHAME ON OUR GOVERNMENT for FAILING TO PROTECT ITS CITIZENS FROM THE DAILY TERROR ACTIVITY IN ISRAEL! WE NEED A RELIGIOUS ZIONIST GOVERNMENT...

Now all the leftist in Tel Aviv can go back parading their low life secular lifestyle of being pork eaters, homos and Shabbos violates, while the border towns and cities will continue to be shelled. The government can go back to harassing observant Jews while Arabs who sit in the Kenneseth and Israeli Supreme Court laugh at these secular foolish Jinos Jewish in name only stooges. In 12 years we chareidim will take over as we will become the majority.

The Chareidim would not have lost even one soldier. If they would just cut the water electric fuel and food supply to the gaza and watched them all die in a week. The stupid secular government worships democracy.

All they care about is that the filthy gay SHAME parade in Israel in Jerusalem the Holy city, should take place august 18. The poor idiots postponed it from august 7 due to the war. For this we need peace? To rebel against the sacred Torah???????

Anonymous said...

Amen vAmen