Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The War of the End of Days and the Two Moshiachs

A new 46 min shiur by Rabbi Daniel Glatstein

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yaak said...

Excellent. Thanks for sharing.

Devorah Chayah said...

Yes, thank you for posting. I heard it last night and was going to blog it today, but you got to it first! :-) My thought is that if Edom is the seventh golus and Yishmael is the eighth, then it's appropriate that Mashiach ben Yosef who comes to deliver us from golus Edom will come in the seventh year of the shmitah cycle while Mashiach ben David who comes to deliver us from golus Yishmael will arrive "motzaei shvi'it" or the "eighth" year. It should be soon!!

One more thing. Iran may not be the equivalent of the ancient Persian empire, but they speak "Persian" and identify as such. However, they were the first (and remain the only, as far as I know) Islamic (Yishmaelite) state in the Middle East. Who better to represent all of Yishmael at the end just like the US represents all of Edom which also encompasses Europe and Russia, etc.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Yes, but the Iranians speaking Farsi fluently today are Persian. They aren't Arabs. The Arabs never conquered Persia. Sadam Hussein was Nebuchadnezzar of Bavel. He was executed on the 9th of Tevet 5767. He is gone, and the Shi'ites in southern Iraq have benefited along with Sadam's most implacable enemy, the Persians. The Sunni Muslims are NOT Persians. One can make a case that the Shi'ites are Persian, but the Sunnis are not. If this were not the case, the Arabs would have no need to seek counsel from the King of Edom to stop Persia from taking over the Arabian Peninsula (which is the case right now). The Kings of Arabia are all Sunni, and the Saudis want to keep it that way which is why the Houthis in Yemen pose a threat. The Saudis want to make sure that the Shi'ites do not power share anywhere on the Arabian Peninsula because if it happens in Yemen, it could happen in Saudi Arabia.

The Greeks are basically slaves to their German Edomite bankster masters now. A slave nation cannot be an empire. So amongst the four nations that conquered Eretz Yisrael, only Edom and Persia remain. We will let them duke it out. Plus, to include America as Edom but NOT Europe is a bit ridiculous. America right now has a President who is half Edom and half Yishmael, and the EU is Amalek of Edom even if Yishmael is taking over from within. Plus we have the President Barak Hussein Obama. What is the Gematriah of his name? Barak (Bet Reish Aleph Qoof) according to Sod1820= 303 Hussein spelled with two Yuds (Chet Vav Samech Yud Yud Nun)= 144 Obama (Aleph Vav Bet Aleph Mem Hey)= 55 Total = 502 .....uh oh.

Devorah said...

Depending on the spelling of Obama's name, it also equals 501 [see Obama Evil at the End of Days
] and if you omit ''Hussein'' the two words Barack Obama can, depending on the spelling, equal the gematria of ''Pharoah''. So it seems no matter how you want to spell his name out in Hebrew,it is a warning.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Removing Hussein from the way that I spelled it above, leaves us with Gematriah 358 which is the Gematriah of Nachash (the Primordial Snake). But 358 is the Gematriah of Mashiach too...So there is a promise when the Nachah completes his seven year term, Mashiach will defeat him. The only remaining question is do we count his 7 years from Sukkot 5769 or from Jan. 20th, 2009? If we count it from Jan. 20th, 2009, he is defeated by Mashiach Ben David and Ben Yosef combo. on Jan. 20th, 2016 a full one yr before the end of his eight year elected 2nd term in office. The Hebrew date of Jan. 20th, 2016 is the 10th of Shevat 5776, the 2nd Yahrzeit of Gen. Ariel Sharon. I figure that if Obama is the spiritual force at the End of Days which combines the power of Edom and Yishmael in the body of one man as the Nachash, then Mashiach will also have to be a combo of ben David on his father's side and ben Ephraim on his mother's side. Keep in mind that Malkhut Ephraim is matrilineal. All things related to malkhut or yerushah from the descendants of Rachel are matrilineal. We learn laws of yerushah from the Bnot Tzelofchad of Menashe. Daryavush according to many opinions was the "Mashiach" who built Bayit Sheini. He was the son of Esther of Binyamin. And it seems that Mashiach ben Ephraim will be a descendant of Yehoshua bin Nun who only gave birth to daughters...You can figure out how. So if Edom and Yishmael are embodied by one man Obama yimach shmo, then since we missed out because of our sins on a separate Mashiach ben Ephraim (who sits in prison for 29 years instead), Mashiach ben David will have to be a combo of both.

Devorah said...

It's interesting that 10 Shvat 5756 [2016] is the 66th yarzheit of the sixth Lubavitcher RebbeYosef Yitzchak Schneersohn
..... what was that quote about the year 66 ?

And re Obama and his seven years..... that corresponds to the Book of Daniel - a time, times and a half of time.... when ''a time'' equals 2 years see this blog post: A Time Times and a Half of Time

Anonymous said...

Agree with Dov Bar Leib in his first response that, of course, Europe and Yishmael are Amaleikim! It should be an understood.

Anonymous said...

Almighty told me, "The devil is a black man."
It never really made sense, but after reading these comments about Barack it makes me wonder. I thought it was just Christians who accused him of being the antichrist, and conspiracy says he is the reincarnation of Ankhenaton, who was the worst of all the Pharaohs because he alone tossed all the gods aside and even the highest God, and declared himself the only true highest God - which directly makes this Barack theory seem plausible. Also Barack looks a bit like Ankhenaton and his wife and kids looks like his too, judging by the busts, in particular his wife really looks like the wife of Ankhenaton with the angry eyebrows, just throwing this out there. Interesting nonetheless, also Barack means "Lightning".
Obama also contains the name "Moab" - noteworthy or not?
I believe Moshiach is coming within a year.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

How about within the Month of Tishrei?? We pray that of course that he does not tarry even though odds are b'itah reaches its greatest potential during Nisan which is over 7 months away. Cheers and LeShanah Tovah.

Anonymous said...

-- I figure that if Obama is the spiritual force at the End of Days which combines the power of Edom and Yishmael in the body of one man as the Nachash, then Mashiach will also have to be a combo of ben David on his father's side and ben Ephraim on his mother's side. Keep in mind that Malkhut Ephraim is matrilineal. --

Yes. You are correct. But who will be able to accept what this means?
Concerning David Hamelek, "Why Moab?"

Why did David come from Ruth and from Moab, in addition to the reasons that have been written (the spiritual ascent)? Mashiach ben David comes from Ruth and from Moab. This is but one piece of evidence of who is the true Mashiach. But who will accept what it means? You have to change up the normal order of things to find this Moab, but it will tell us why Moab. Only this place gives the question along with the answer. Remember so you will know.

And what has a base of 16, but Mashiach himself. This is a square base (being the final mem, the foundation, the makom) of 4 x 4. A 4 and a 4 - dalet, vav, dalet. Or how it is written, how to move around anywhere, passing through the most unfriendly terrain: FWD, or 4WD, same dalet vav dalet. Forward. Four wheels. Now compare Obama's four wheels. It is a golf cart. No comparison to the four "wheels" of Mashiach, which also come with wings and eyes.