Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Rabbi Mendel Kessin : Rachel Imeinu

Rabbi Kessin's new lecture on Rachel Imeinu - The Hidden Meaning of Her Yahrzeit - in three parts


Devorah said...

Rabbi on Reincarnation & Why We Are Born Into the Families We are Born Into – The Tamar Yonah Show
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Neshama said...

Thank you and wishing you Bracha and Hatzlacha.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for another beautiful shuir! I read that the Tabernacle was completed in Kislev, but dedicated in Nisan. The month of Kislev was embarrassed so G-d repaid it with the dedication of the Second Temple. Likewise, Solomon's Temple was completed in Mar Cheshvan or Bul and was dedicated in Tishrei and Mar Cheshvan was embarrassed and G-d promised to repay it with the Third Temple. I also, wanted to say that this shuir spoke to my soul. My sister committed suicide in 2016 and G-d gave me the understanding that Rachel was crying for her children in exile as he showed her the future of her people.

Devorah said...

This is copied from a Facebook group:

‎Rahel F Adye‎ said:

The confusion and controversy around the “Lost Tribes” movement, whether termed Return of Ephraimites, “recovenanting,” “Hebrew Roots” etc.—— requires definitive clarification. Let me share with you what this is and what it is not. The guidance and teachings of Rabbi Mendel Kessin, renowned speaker, scholar of the Ramchal, and Hashkofa teacher ordained by Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, will be the source of the ideas here.

First, what we are witnessing is an awakening, and ultimate purification of Edom—not a returning of lost tribes or Ephraimites, or Christians deluded into believing they have Jewish roots and can “graft” Christianity into Judaism. This is wishful thinking at best, delusional at worst. This awakening is the beginning of the purification of Edom. Purified how? Edom awakens to the deception and brutality of Christianity, renounces it, and does what the Torah tells us is Esau’s mission in the End Time.

The Torah tells us that Esau’s role throughout history has been to persecute the Jews when they sin, and persecute us he has. The term used to describe Esau’s function in relation to his brother Yisroel is “ya’aved.” During the final stages of the pre-messianic era however, Esau will have done t’shuva at which time his role becomes to be the burgeoning assistant to his brother, the Jewish people — “ya’avod” at long last.

This process is what we see being distorted and reconfigured into a restoration theology which is both inaccurate, wrong, and dangerous, and not just for Jews. Unless Christians and non-Jews with delusions of being pseudo-Jews wake up to the true meaning of this phenomenon, they will forfeit the World to Come which could otherwise be theirs. This prophesied aspect of the messianic process is not about non-Jews desperately creating a narrative about a false identity in which they are Jews or pseudo Jews. It IS about doing t’shuva which means renouncing a false faith responsible for the butchering of the Jewish people, and one which is so totally anathema to Judaism with its man-god and human sacrifice. It is about awakening, yes, but to the absolute authority of the Torah.

Finally, if you want to understand these ideas in greater depth, please seek out Rabbi Kessin’s many videos on the messianic process available on YouTube or his site

[Note: you can also click on the Kessin label below this post to see Rabbi Kessin's videos]

mselbit said...

Thank you for sharing my essay. Rabbi Kessin is now aware of this posting and, speaking on his behalf, he thanks you too. I hope, and expect that Rabbi Kessin will be addressing this issue in a shiur on this very important topic. The current trend we see of non-Jews, many of them still Christians, being "ministered to" by Jews who are well-meaning, but, in his estimation, seriously misguided, requires a thoughtful ad G-d-centered response.

Devorah said...

Thank you and I'm looking forward to hearing what he has to say. Can't wait !

Leah said...

Hi Devorah. These shiurim by Rabbi Kessin are gevaldig!!!!
Thank yo for posting them.