Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The Happiest Man on Earth

Eddie Jaku OAM was born Abraham Jakubowicz in Germany in 1920. His family considered themselves German, first, Jewish second. 

On 9 November 1938, the night immortalised as Kristallnacht, Eddie returned home from boarding school to an empty house. At dawn Nazi soldiers burst in, Eddie was beaten and taken to Buchenwald.

Eddie's book ''The Happiest Man on Earth'' has just been published to co-incide with his 100th birthday.  


Cheryll said...

Eddie is a remarkable person.

Joe said...

So Happy that you are back and doing the thing that you love.
What an amazing man Eddie is. A voice of hope in a world of darkness.
Our thoughts and prayers are for all these remarkable Shoah survivors that are currently in aged care facilities...especially in Melbourne that is currently in crisis Covid lock down.
I have had the honour and privilege to meet many of them and they are an incredible inspiration for all of us.

Thank you for posting Eddie's story and welcome back. 馃檪