Tuesday, August 3, 2021

On the Heels of Moshiach

Thank you to Tomer Devorah for uploading this video, which I liked so much I decided to put it here as well.  

The subject Rabbi Yaakov Hillel is talking about is something I learned very early in my journey ... why our lowly generation will bring Moshiach.   

Our generation is the lowest one of all.  The earlier generations came from the higher parts of Adam HaRishon, but our souls, in this last generation, come from the heels of Adam HaRishon.  

It's a 30 minute shiur, and Rabbi Hillel is someone you can relate to, his kindness and honesty shine through.

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Anonymous said...

Would you believe, long ago I had visited R'Hillel in E"Y (at his home). I'd gone with my father, and we were discussing the possibility of visiting R'Kaduri. Thing is, at that time, R'Kaduri was already very very elderly.