Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Teshuvah: Returning to God

 New shiur from Rabbi Mendel Kessin


SKG said...

We are commemorating 20 years since 9/11 and the stakes are higher than ever; with the backdrop of the pandemic, Afghanistan is back in the hands of the Taliban and Iran is close to becoming nuclear.

In every generation, there have been forces that have tried to destroy the Jewish people, and Iran has made its intentions clear. There is a Midrash dating back almost 2,000 years that says that the last crisis for the Jews will be Persia. Until recently, the last time we heard about Persia as a threat was the story of Purim. Iran was a third world country and only recently started developing nuclear weapons. None of it even makes sense that it would be the country to threaten the world. Iran is modern-day Amalek.

If you look at the current Middle East, countries like Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Lebanon that were once major threats are collapsing. Deteriorating nations serve as locations for terrorism. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco, and the Gulf States are not enemies. They want Israel to save them from Iran. Israel is the only one in the region that has the capability to take out Iran.

This is bigger than one person; it isn’t about Trump, Biden, Netanyahu or Bennett. The world is becoming more frightening; a nuclear Iran will lead to a regional arms race or much worse. We have to hope that there is a bigger picture. If you believe in Jewish tradition, we are commanded to remember what Amalek did to us as we left Egypt- they attacked us from behind when we were most vulnerable. We are supposed to wipe their memory off the earth. Look at King Saul. You don't negotiate with evil. You destroy it.

According to Israel, Iran is seven weeks away from developing a nuclear bomb. There is a chance there could be some kind of a confrontation this year.

Israel has the ability to destroy Iran’s nuclear program- with or without the world’s support. And, it's shocking, and not shocking, that there is no clear support when Iran and Hamas openly want to wipe Israel off the map. Israel is a friend to the US- the only democracy in the Middle East.

And, Iran backs Hamas, Hezbollah and ISIS (including the recent conflict from Gaza). How miraculous would it be if all of these terrorist organizations toppled together? What if there is a revolution by the Iranian people? It’s terrible that people are being oppressed by terrorist governments; I can’t imagine the women right now in Afghanistan.

It may sound impossible, and I am an idealist, but a lot of things don’t make sense anymore. Most strategies out there only seem to postpone the inevitable and it seems like there are no lasting solutions. As we mourn the tragedy of 9/11, the common denominator is still fighting terrorism and destroying evil. The sacrifices that people have made defending freedom are not for naught. This is what I am thinking about between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. It’s not so much about what we did wrong this past year, but focusing on our opportunities and what we can do right going forward.

annie said...

Please HaShem... destroy evil.. that Your Great Name would be lifted up, and Your Name's Sake/Israel... would step into the long awaited role she will play in Your Divine Plan for humanity and all creation... Please HaShem....

Anonymous said...

SKG, speak of Amalek, never mind Iran. I wonder if any U.S. shul's davened this Yom Kippur for the well being of the ...ahem... "imposter rosh hamemshalah". IMO he's the primordial nachash incarnate.

Anonymous said...

Agree with M.M. @3:58 pm. Israel itself in under the control of the nachash reincarnations.
Iran and others are part of the the same ilk of more than eighty years ago. This is the unity of the original 70 nations which want to eradicate G-D's chosen who brought civilization to the world.

Ms. H said...

I can tell you that I spent most of YK & RH just davening for Moshiach to be crowned already. That would take care of all the issues...

Anonymous said...

What happened to the provocation article?
Why take it down?
We're you threatened?
Dean Maughvet

Devorah said...

Thank you Dean - for being kind. I actually woke up at 3am, and I could hear this loud banging and smelt smoke. Took me a few seconds until I realized the loud banging was actually my heart beating, obviously trying to wake me up. The smoke was from outside, they are doing back-burning before summer comes to prevent bush fires, and the smoke drifts towards the city. Anyway, I looked at my phone and saw a comment from chaim, with a small c. A nasty comment. Some of you commenters out there should really think twice before you write nasty comments.

I decided to delete that post, and I also decided to take a break from blogging. I'll be back some time in the future, but for now I'm going to do other things.

There was nothing wrong with my blog post, but chaim chose to attack me anyway. You need a very thick skin to be a blogger, and I don't have that, and I need a long break from all of it.

Kol tuv everyone, see you when the air is clear :)

Basya said...

Dear Devorah! totally understand and agree ... no way no how should you be subjected to mean comments. I and I know many others love your blog... it's a highlight in my day... may Hashem bless you with shalom and menuchas hanefesh in the shelter of the succah... and may we all rejoice with the arrival of Moshiach at any moment... take the best care... love Batya..

Devorah said...

Thanks Basya