Friday, May 13, 2022

The Model for the Redemption


The son of Rabbi Yeshua Halevi went up to heaven and then came down. It doesn’t mean he went up physically. He went “up” in consciousness. He had ruach ha’kodesh--holy spirit so he could see into the world of Yetzira. When he came back, he was asked what he saw up there. He uttered the famous statement, “olam hafoch hu”--it’s an upside-down world. Whoever was great here is, basically, almost a nobody up there, and whoever was nobody here was an incredible godol--person of great stature up there. 

How could that be? How could we not see who’s really worth something? 

The answer is: the critical determinant of who you are is not your physical act; it’s the yegiah--hardship, the darkness of the klippa that you undergo and yet remain G-D-fearing, to believe and trust in G-D. That we cannot see. You could have Mr. A who is unbelievably diligent in doing mitzvahs, and Mr. B who hardly does any, but Mr. B may have a terrible struggle to do the few mitzvahs he does. This makes him much greater than Mr. A.

Excerpt from Rabbi Mendel Kessin "The Model for the Redemption"

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