Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Korea: Fulfilling the Prophecy ??

Flashpoint . . . smoke billows from houses on Yeonpyeong island after the North Korean artillery barrage. Photo: AFP

NORTH KOREA has burnished the leadership credentials of its 26-year-old dictator-in-waiting with a deadly artillery attack on South Korean territory, causing its neighbour to return fire and scramble F-16 fighters.
Two South Korean marines died, and at least 12 were wounded. There were reports of civilian injuries and houses were set ablaze as scores of shells fell on Yeonpyeong island.
A North Korea expert at Beijing's Central Party School, Zhang Liangui, told the Herald that Kim Jong-un was deliberately destabilising the environment in order to mobilise the military and consolidate his power.

[The following is authored by Dan S]

It is just beginning here in November 2010, the month of Kislev:  click to read North Korean Attack

Zohar Va'era

In the future the children of Yishmael will stir great wars in the world. And the children of Edom [the West] will gather against them, and make war with them, one on the sea, and one on the land, and one near Jerusalem; and each one will prevail over the other but the Holy Land will not fall to the hands of the Christian nations.

During that period of time, a nation from the "edge" of the world (note where North Korea is located geographically) will be awakened against wicked Romi. And it will make war against her for three months, and many nations will gather there, and they will fall by her hand, until all the children of Edom will gather against her from all corners of the earth. And after, G-d will awaken Himself against them, as it says, a "a sacrificial slaughter for the Lord in Batzra", and it says, "to shake the corners of the Land."

Zohar HaKadosh:

A nation will arise from one end of the world (North Korea) against the wicked Rome (Christian nations led by Obama) and will war against them for 3 months. Other nations will join in this war and will fall into the hands (of the nation from edge of the world), till all Edom will unite against this nation. Aterwards, Hashem will 'arise' against them, as it says, A gigantic massacre in the land of Edom.

Note: Immediately following this 3 month war, the evil leader of Edom (America) will spread out his rule over the entire world. Nine months into that move called the final tribulation and birthpangs of Mashiach, he will get up and destroy all the enemies of Israel and mankind.

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yaak said...

Also, see here about North Korea.

Don't mean to be a nudnik, but why the double-translation of the same passage from the Zohar?

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Just two questions:

Where does it say that the nine months begins right on the heels of the upcoming three month war with N. Korea? Rav Eibeschutz says that the nine months are tied to Israel's travail, not the travail of a gentile power.

Is it possible that the three month war with N. Korea happens after Yerushalayim is divided this coming August? This would be in line with the statements in Zecharia that nuclear conflict between the West and others will take place because the nations have gathered against Yerushalayim.

Of course, a three month war followed immediately by the beginning of a nine month process would certainly shorten the time of our travail.

Jean-Marie Rondeau said...

Meir Paniem has been reporting that 1.25 millions live in poverty in Israel. The same situation and worse exist in most parts of the world.

Meir Panim should also report the billions of $ hidden in tax shelters of all kinds. Especially in the so called charitable foundations.While this situation of poverty versus the most rich exist'.

Likewise, how many Billions $ are wasted in the industries of death (WAR), secret services, etc. This should also be made public.

What I am trying to say is the world needs big time the promised just society of Isaiah in order to fix the incredible inequality between the most powerful and the rest of humanity.

That along with the spreading of the reality of God to the nations would be the best defense, in my view, against the enemies of Israel. Since we are all children of God, why are we so persistent in wanting to dominate our brothers or kill them?

Peace to Israel and the world we must pray for and work for.

Jean-Marie Rondeau

Anonymous said...

Dear Dov,

In my upcoming book "Until the Hour of redemption" I detail the subject in much more depth that may answer your questions better.

In total deference to Rav Eibeschutz and all due respect, hakol bishveel Yisroel. The larger birth-pangs period as per the Chafetz Chaim and others even includes prior historic wars, namely Gog Umagog #1 (world War I) Gog Umagog #2 (World War II) and the current war of Gog Umagog #3 we are in today. These gentile-nation wars are between Edom Ma'arav--Western Edom (America and Britain/western european nations)
reluctantly aligned with Edom Mizrachi-eastern Edom(harsher Russia and eastern european nations) VS. Amalek, his own grandson (whether Germany then or Amalek-morphed Yishmael now).
They are all part and parcel of the "birth-pangs of the redemption."

Relating to current times, which I believe are poignantly moving forward with the upcoming Zohar-forecasted war stemming from North Korea as a rogue-state nuclear power, our Sages in the Zohar explain that all nations of Edom will be motivated to (ostensibly for major reasons) form into a final coalition to attempt to End the coming war (proliferation of nuclear weapons/explosions?)thus spreading out their rule over the 'entire world.' This will come to include the Middle East, the part of the world they do not as yet control.

But, as the Zohar clearly writes, despite this coalition, Israel will not fall into Edom's(America/Britain/European nations)hands at that time. Whew.
To further address your question, and there is half a chapter about this in the book, Talmud Yoma 10a (and Sanhedrin 98b -- see Rashi)writes a few things. First, that this (larger) war is fought between Edom and Iran as well and that nine months or so before before Mashiach ben Dovid comes "Evil" Edom will spread out their kingship/power for nine months. Rashi and other great sage commentators explain this is the final chevley Mashiach before he gets up (see Talmud Avodah Zarah 2b Tosaphot "Meshicha Malchusayihu" confirming war with Iran followed by the nine months of chevlay yolaidah).

Interestingly, I have never truly understood this Talmudic statement that labels it "Evil" Edom (so much so that some Girsas writes it instead parenthetically) until about a year before B.O. was elected to realize that, finally, America actually was appointing such a persona that can perhaps qualify as an "evil" Edomite leader; with sights exclusively on Israel out of all the other nations (other Midrashim confirm this such as Sefer Eliyahu and elsewhere).

Intriguingly, I think it is Rav Azulai or another great Sefardi Sage that basically differs from Talmud Yoma 10a that it is not Edom that spreads out its hegemony but in fact it is Yishmael. Again, perfectly describing B.O. in all aspects so that there is actually harmony and not dispute among the Sages understanding.

For more than that, you will have to wait for the book and the Vayechi Matrix, B'ezrat Hashem.
Then again, as the Rambam warns, we will not know for certain how these things will unfold, and in what order, until they do.

We should see the full redemption of Israel speedily, Amen.

Daniel S.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Vilnagaon said...

Wonderful video thank you for share it with all.