Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Mystical Jewish Formula....(not)

Received via email -  there are people who actually believe all this stuff, and forward it on to their closest friends, even when it's total nonsense, as this one is.

For those who believe in segulot (A mystical Jewish formula for good mazel) and who of us can't use that!?   Please do not break! Just 27 words.

"G'mar Chatima Tova!   GOD our Father, walk through my house & take away all my worries & illness & please watch over & heal my family ... Amen."

This prayer is so powerful. Pass this to 12 people including me.  A blessing is coming to you in 4 mins of a new job, a house, marriage, good health, or financially'.
 Do not break or ask questions.

For those who don't know:  "G'mar Chatima Tova!" is what we say to each other at Rosh Hashanah time: it means "you should be written for a good year".  That's all it means.


  1. aargh! it is much worse than that.

    it is someone trying to give a Jewish flavor to a Christian prayer / meme. See here, for one of 868 results on Google:

    "Dear God our Father, walk through my house & take away all my worries & illnesses & please watch over & heal my family in Jesus' name, Amen."

    That is why the ellipses (...) are there. And that is why they added Gmar Chatima Tova, to make it sound more Jewish.

    So, so misguided...

    kol tuv,

  2. it is very sad. It bothersme when I see yidden "knock on wood" and the like. It is a lack of faith.

  3. I think that when Jews say "knock on wood" or "touch wood" it's purely out of ignorance...... They don't realize where the saying comes from.

  4. Yes, it may be ignorance. I do tell them about where it comes from (the Mayans), however, they do believe in Hashem. I believe they lack faith in HAshem that Hashem can truly supply their needs and the like.....

  5. It comes from the Mayans? I thought it came from JC on the cross (touching wood).

  6. i dont know how accurate this is but nevertheless:

    "A Jewish version traces the origin to the Spanish Inquisition of the 15th century. At the time, persecuted Jews fled to synagogues built of wood, and they devised a coded knock to gain admission. Since this practice spared countless lives, it became common to "knock on wood" for good luck"

  7. I learned it many years ago in school. The Mayans used to go out to the trees to knock on wood to "release" their "gods" for them to help them etc..... but it is more than this. It is the believe in superstition in well intentioned and lovely Jews who do not realize that their faith should be in Hashem and nothing else......

  8. Late to the discussion, but "knock on wood" is definitely Western in origin, not Mayan. Think Gaelic instead of Mayan.

  9. That prayer asking G-d to walk through one's house, is done by followers of jc. Though i was born one, i am not, and I am Noahide.
    When I get these I just delete them.

    Hashem is there always, and we are just to talk and pray to Him. Thats what I believe.

    Rest is just all superstition.

    Stella c

  10. What about kissing mezzuzas then, entering rooms, relying on them to protect us wherever we go. Isn't that also superstition, even if it is a Jewish one? And there are lits more emanating from kabbalah, etc.

    1. Why kiss the mezuzah? See here: Why Kiss The Mezuzah?

      All customs ''emanating from Kabbalah'' are Divine commandments from the Torah. There are sources for all of them, but the email in the blog post above is just nonsense.