Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Granny saves the Jewellery Store

I love this: an elderly woman has beaten off a gang of thieves in the UK:

The robbery was - initially - no less successful for being brutally basic: three men with sledgehammers simply smashed the windows of the jewellery shop in the broad light of day, and grabbed the loot.

As they filled their bags with gold from the Michael Jones Jewellers in Northampton UK, their accomplices waited, revving their getaway mopeds. Staff at the Northampton shop froze in horror and members of the public walked on by.

But then, the cavalry arrived, in the shape of a woman in a red coat, matching hat and sensible shoes - handbag flailing.

In a film that instantly became a viral internet clip, the elderly-looking woman is shown charging towards the armed robbers. The thugs - twice her size - didn't stand a chance.

A swing at the head of one of the moped drivers saw him accelerate down the street in alarm, leaving his accomplice without his ride.

Four of the six men are now in custody, police confirmed, and the mystery hero of Northampton will be rewarded.


Leah said...

Go, granny go! Can you imagine. What brave woman and oh by the way she cuold have been seriously hurt or killed -those guys were really after the loot!

Creed Of Noah said...

I bet she'd be able to beat em in a race of her granny mobility scooter versus their motor scooters. Oh the visual. Go bust some moves Ninja Nanna. HaHa!!