Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Monster Cyclone Yasi

Q: What's 500km wide and has a giant 100km eye?

A: Cyclone Yasi - the worst cyclone in history - authorities are warning people to evacuate and to "batten down the hatches for monster storm".

It's bigger than anything we've ever seen here, and it's terrifying the poor people of Queensland who are still cleaning up after the floods. It is tipped to cross the coast sometime before Thursday.

Last night, the category-one system was 1780km east northeast of Townsville and was moving west towards Queensland at 30km an hour.

It is expected to intensify when it crosses the coast delivering gale-force winds of more than 250km/h and up to 1m of rain in some areas.

Hamilton Island began flying guests out yesterday. By this afternoon all 3000 staff and guests at every island resort in the Whitsundays will have been evacuated and the resorts closed.

See the size of it at the satellite image here: NOAA (It's HUGE !)

A weather satellite image shows Cyclone Yasi passing near the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu heading toward the coast of Australia on Monday

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