Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When We are free, We will Free Palestine and Destroy Israel

Here we go.....

Egypt´s Islamic Revolution: When We are free, We will Free Palestine and Destroy Israel


Asher said...

Yeah, I was waiting for it too. These people finally have a chance at a better life and instead focus on destroying Israel. Sad, but completely predictable.

Peace, Quiet, Joy said...

This is nothing but hardening of hearts and Hashem's way of bringing us all together - here - on the Land. All borders will be open to our enemies and Hashem will bring us under His wing. The silver is tempered, the diamond polished, the soul refined. There is no where else to be right now but in the middle of the universe - in the middle of the East in the middle of the storm.

Daydreamer said...

@Peace, Quiet, Joy - wow, that was beautiful. That's the best interpretation I've ever heard of all this... I want to believe that things are ultimately going to change for the better too, I've just never heard it expressed so perfectly.

Anonymous said...

We need to drive them out of Eretz Israel. This is what worked for Sarah, concerning Ishmael and Hagar. Neither Ishmael nor Esav merits to share Yaakovs' inheritance. Eretz Israel is not their land or their business. It is for us. And we need to create a wide buffer zone, additionally with a high wall. Which should be guarded.
You cannot see it now? Muslims do not care that children should be raised in a safe environment, free from shell-shock and trauma. They care nothing about human rights. Why does anyone fight for THEIR human rights?
What about Gilad Shalits' human rights? Does HE get a Red Cross visit? How about some food? Toilet paper? A phone call for a lawyer? A decent Jewish burial? Of course not.
America has forgotten about 9/11?
America, you will see, these attacks will become so common and violent on American soil, that 9/11 will be remembered as only the FIRST attack. We know what these people are like. They only get more and MORE angry. THEY ARE SOOOOO ANGRY.
America,do you WANT these angry violent people? We will ship them for you for free from Gaza to the White House. Let Obama be their Wet Nurse. Go ahead Obama, they are your kind. Feed them, wipe their butts. See what it gets you.
See what tolerance for violent and abusive behavior gets your citizens.