Monday, April 4, 2011

Emett : Truth

from the writings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

A person who wants to attach to Hashem, so that his thoughts travel from one chamber to the next, seeing these chambers with his mind's eye - should avoid speaking falsely, even by mistake.

One may distort the truth to preserve peace.

Those who lie are not worthy of receiving the Shechinah (the Divine presence).

A tzaddik is free to act deceitfully with one who deceives others.

All those who add, detract.

A man of truth can recognise in another if he is speaking falsely or not.

A sign that something is false is that it encounters opposition from the majority (of wise men). The liar is one of the three types of people whom G-d despises.

Giving charity rectifies one's speech.

Truth protects the world from all forms of harm.

When there is no truth, there is no kindness. Such a person cannot deal kindly with people.

A person should rather die than live and be considered a liar by others.

Where there is truth, there is peace.

The further a man is from truth, the more he considers one who turns away from evil to be a fool.

When a person does not speak falsely, G-d saves him in time of pain. He will also be blessed with children.

Someone who tells lies is cut down. He also becomes a fool.

A person who guards himself from falsehood is always victorious.

It is permissible to distort (the truth) in order to save oneself.

Truth saves a person from slander. By telling the truth, their prayers are accepted, and when judged Above, they will be judged according to their merits.

One who was a liar in a previous lifetime will be reincarnated left-handed.

When you see a liar, you should know that his spiritual leader is also false.

Truth will bring the final redemption. When Moshiach comes, falsehood will not exist and so there will be no evil inclination in the world.

[Rebbe Nachman's Aphorisms on Jewish Living]


Moriah said...

Political correctness is a lie. Without truth there is no justice. and justice is uncommon in this world.

Sam said...

I don't see the problem with left-handedness as they say Albert Einstein was a "lefty" too. In other sources,the punishment for a liar would be that when he does say the truth, he won't be believed.