Friday, April 8, 2011

The Video They Don't Want The World To See

The Truth About Israel: Trust in G-d, and you will have peace.

When the Jewish people will trust in G-d, that the Land of Israel belongs unequivocally to them, and are willing to declare this openly to the nations of the world, then “No one will contest the matter, and you will not need to go to war.” In fact, even weapons will prove unnecessary…” The Lubavitcher Rebbe, [Likutei Sichos, vol. 34, p. 8]

All the nations are one day going to come together and start talking peace amongst themselves. This talk of peace will have one underlying goal: to destroy Israel. And their rationale shall be: because they [the Jews] established for themselves their own government; and though the Jews will be in tremendous danger at that time, nevertheless they will not be destroyed; in fact, from that very situation they will be saved.  [Rabbi Moshe Cordevero (Ramak) on Zohar Bereishis, 199 - approximately 500 years ago]

Please visit The Truth About Israel to read more.  [Note: video is not connected to this website]


  1. beautiful and at the same time, my gosh I did not realize that france had capitulated. I had heard this to be the case, yet I did not realize they were praying on the streets like that...

  2. Beautiful, heart-warming film. Thanks.

  3. thank you for the video and for these sources.

  4. "While in the Bible Jerusalem is mentioned: 667 times".Don't know the significance, but 667 is the gematria of רפואה שלמה.