Friday, November 23, 2012

Tikkun HaKlali

A beauiful video of the Tikkun HaKlali [Complete Rectification] - Psalms sung in Hebrew. Thank you Stella for forwarding the link.



  1. It's nice to see you're posting more.

  2. This is beautiful! Thank you so much for posting it.

  3. For those who do not read Hebrew, below is a link for the words in Hebrew Transliteration and English Translation:

  4. Devorah Channa, thanks for the link, as I am eager to read the English transalation.
    Though I just enjoy listening to this singer, he has such a gifted voice, and the music is so uplifting.
    Thanks again.
    May Mashiach come now.


  5. Thanks again, so beautiful to watch him in person.
    How to send a penny or more to Rebbe Nachmans graveside, I want someone to go and pray for me and my family.
    Please let me know.
    Bless you.

    Tried emailing you Devorah Channah from your site, unable to access.
    Had a question to ask.


    1. SC - I checked and the emails are working for me. To contact me, use one of the emails listed at the following webpage:

  6. Hello Devorah Channah,
    OI went to your site, and in contact there are 2 emails. one is Primary and (2) secondary no matter how much I clicki I do not get the email.

    To Shirat Devorah, forgive for using your site this way, and I really do not mean to misuse this wonderful blog site. Forgive me.

    Devorah Channah, I will have to find another way. Whatever Hashem wills.
    Thank you again, and Hashem bless each and all of you.

  7. sung by erez yechiel

  8. Thank you shirat Devora and Stella for posting. It came at the right time. I have gone in and out of saying tikkun klalli in my life. Reading the words with the music just broke through my heart (in a healing way :)thanks. I hope bli neder to continue the practice again. Thanks!!and blessings Devora (stifled prophetess blog)