Thursday, April 16, 2015

Can a Kabbalist Predict the Future ?

Rabbi Mizrachi answers [video]



Anonymous said...

This is why I love Rabbi Mizrachi. He always says the truth the way it is.

I can only chime in to agree with him. Please listen to someone who made the mistake of running round all these people. Think about it: who goes to them? People who are vulnerable and thus susceptible. And by vulnerable, really it means anyone with a big problem for which they don't have an answer. And as Rav Mizrachi says, even if the person really is a tsadik, it doesn't mean they know the future. We say on Rosh Hashana: tshuva, tefilla, tsedaka cancel an evil decree. And this applies all year round. Hashem wants us to keep the mitzvot, repent and come close to Him, pray in our own words, say tehillim and give tsedaka. This is all from the Torah. Nowhere does it say, go to tsadikim to ask the future. Quite the opposite actually.

Tmimim tihiyu lifnei Hashem kelokecha.

joshwaxman said...

I agree up to the point where he says that crooked Kabbalists won't get into gan eden because they must come back as a gilgul.

However, elsewhere, in order to prove gilgul, Rabbi mizrachi has endorsed the autistics. And they absolutely claim to know the future. I wonder if rabbi mizrachi realizes this fact about them, or if he has some way of reconciliation between his statements here and his support for facilitated communication

Devorah said...

Of course he realizes. He is not talking about autistics, or even tzadikim who can sometimes see the future. He is talking about shyster kabbalists who take money from innocent gullible people. I am sure that Rabbi Mizrachi would be only too happy to oblige and clarify his viewpoint for you Josh. I will forward this to him.

Devorah said...

One example of a tzadik who could see into the future was the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt''l. He did not charge to give advice, and in fact he gave out dollars to everyone who lined up to meet him. There are hundreds of stories of miracles which occurred from the Rebbe's brachas and advice. Technically you would call that a psychic ability, but he was a tzadik, and had extraordinary insight. He once walked into shul where there were 10 men ready to pray as a minyan, but he knew that one of those men was in fact not a Jew. How did he know that? He knew who people were, he saw into their souls, something which you may not wish to comprehend or even acknowledge, but that would be your opinion only and not fact.
I only wish the Rebbe were alive now, and you could meet him and see for yourself.