Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Rav Kanievsky: Moshiach is at the door

Rabbi Chananya Chollak, the founder and international chairman of Ezer Mizion, visited Rav Chaim Kanievsky today.

During the course of their conversation, Rabbi Chollak mentioned the horrific, tragic crash on Highway 1 on Sunday that claimed six Yiddishe neshamos.

“Moshiach is on his way,” Rav Chaim told Rabbi Chollak.

“But what’s going to be with the rash of tragedies we have been experiencing?” asked Rabbi Chollak.

Rav Chaim responded, “Moshiach is not just on the way. He is at the very door.”

Source: David Steger – Matzav.com Israel


Anonymous said...

Can someone who is living in Eretz Israel ask Rav Kanievsky what "he is at the door" means in terms of a timeline. Is it a matter of days, weeks, or months. Thank you.

Avi said...

Mashiach is at the door, but he won't open it.
That has to be done from the inside by Am Yisrael when in one voice will agree to open that door and let Mashiach to come in.
It will take awhile until the Jews are able to speak in one voice. Until then the Mashiach will still be at the door. And it might take years.

Devorah said...

Avi: If you are going to make these kinds of comments, please give us a heads up on who you are and why you are an authority. Where are you getting your information from and why should we take you seriously?

Anonymous said...

Of course no one knows the EXACT time , that is why, most probably, Rav kanievsky, wouldn't answer that question. But, what he and other giants do know is based on sources and based on current events, what climate we live in. And, it most definitely is a time ripe for moshiach, NOW! Others want to dampen this statement from Rav Kanievsky for one of two reasons. One, they follow a Rebbe perhaps from a shtetl here or there that doesn't talk about moshiach at all, or conversly talks about" their" "rebbe" being moshiach and they were told this is not the time. The other major reason they're told it will take a while, is their Rabbeim are comfortable in galus, and "whats this talk about moshiach at the door." A little later when we want.

Genoism said...

He has a point to a degree, it's really up to us on how much longer or faster. There is a cut off date, no one knows what that date is, not even R Kaneivsky which is why he didn't say "when".

Shuki said...

Avi is totally correct. As the Baal Shem Tov stated, the rabbi's will hinder the geulah. The person who has been publically identified by the Creator is waiting for the people. He also has free will, it depends on the behavior. Lets hope the sheeple wake up.

Anonymous said...

The only thing someone is totally correct on this subject is, knowing he doesn't know everything! Traditionally, moshiach can come at anytime. He's at the door means exactly that! The Rav can be implying like someone about to open the door to their home.
The language is stronger than he's on his way for a reason. It is a very positive message to the first question about timeline.

Devorah said...

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