Friday, February 5, 2016

Secrets of the Hebrew Letters and Vowels

HaRav Dovber Pinson 

''The Power of the Hebrew Letters and Sounds  - The Path of the Baal Shem Tov in Prayer''
Parts 1 and 2

This lecture by Rav Pinson reveals how the Letters/ Sounds are the building blocks of Creation and how we too can create by using them.

Part One:

Part Two:


Avi said...

The power of Hebrew letters is one of the great secrets of Judaism. Heshem's true name is constructed in such a way to create an extraordinary potentiality when being pronounced by the humans.
Such a great secret is very hard to be known in the present world, but in the olam haba there is a different approach. People will learn how to construct words of power.
Not only the vibrations of letters are able to produce material changes, but also the forms of the Hebrew letters have power. Truly, Judaism has survive because the great Rabbis of the past were uttering the Scriptures, thus the power of Hashem was continuously activated.
Today, because there are many millions speaking Hebrew, Am Yisrael will never disappear. Already the great force is active for those reading from the Torah. There couldn't be a better protection for any Jewish soul.
Our Mashiach will reveal many such secrets. B"H.

MSL said...

My friend Yedidah Cohen of is developing a ten lesson course she calls Hebrew In 10, and by the end of it, all very short video lessons, you can read Hebrew prayer, with no former knowledge of Hebrew. Contact Yedidah on her site to be notified when the course is ready for sign-up. It is very simple and very reasonable. I am one of her beta students.