Monday, April 3, 2017

Did You Know......?

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When you speak lashon hara you give your merits to the one you're slandering and take their transgressions.

[Chofetz Chaim; sefer Shmiras Halashon]


Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed!

'karma comes back to bight him' . . .

Similarly, if one spat on another person (yukky) !

all his sins ie the victim's sins are transferred to the offender !

The moral: 'Think before you speak'as words can harm and/or words can

heal. Let's hope our words will be ones that heal the microcosm as

well as the macro-cosm.

Tikum Olam [reparing/healing] the world - but not the way that the

progressive/liberal/reform 'Jews' - Eruv-Rav do it. . .

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Shiratdevorah particularly

timely as we clean our homes from chometz it would be wise to bear in

mind that we should also think about our 'spiritual' Pesach cleaning.

[hat tip to YAK, I think, for the idea].

Anonymous said...

Devorah, you qouted the Chofetz Chaim as saying:
When you speak lashon hara you give your merits to the one you're slandering and take their transgressions (Sefer Shemiras Halashon).

It actually comes from Rabbeinu Bachayei: "When we speak lashon hora about someone else, we take his sins upon ourselves and he takes our mitzvos!" (Chovos HaLevavos, Sha’ar HaKniah, chapter 7 “והשלישי כשיתפרסם ענינו”)

Avrohom Abie said...

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814 אורנה ניצבת said...

Yom Shishi, i got message from my daughter, that the newborn was in hospital with her. I asked one of you to pray for Simcha ben Dvora, that was held in hospital, Israel. Baruch Hashem, they are ok, back home!
We have to rebuke each other for transgressions, and unite in prayer for each other and all Am Israel. Speaking just words of blessing and the Light of haTorah.
Purity ourselves, doing tshuva deeply.
Reading tehilim for each other, singing songs that praise Hashem.
Singing songs of Geula.
May it be soon, that we are freed from our hardships!
Am Israel, we have to prepare ourselves!
Its Nissan, make clothes ready for the whole Family good enough for a wedding!
For our bodies and souls.
Thats the first step to get the chametz out.
May we go out of mitzrayim into the Kingdom of Hashem, leaded by Mashiah Tzidkeinu to build Beit Hamikdash.

Avrohom Abie said...

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