Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Full Force of the Noahide

For all my non-Jewish readers, and I know there are a lot of you, Rabbi Tovia Singer has some very interesting things to say about Noahides, and those who believe they are really Jewish but can't prove it, and the role of Elijah before Moshiach.  The first 10 minutes of this video is taken up with ''thank yous'' so if you're in a hurry, fast forward.


Anonymous said...

Hi Devorah, i have not heard the video yet... but will soon. bli neder.

Just wanted to say- Thank you - as always you have thoughts for all..

Hashem bless you.

In this world getting worse by the minute, reading such helpful words of yours, to all, especially non-Jews... I am sure many apprectiate it.

I know i do.



cy said...

Such a good explanation of the difference between Jews and Noahides and the glorification of their role.
Such humbleness, wow, I am in awe of Rabbi Singer.

Devash said...

He's got to know that Joseph's wife Osnat was his sister Dina's daughter and therefore, not Egyptian, but Hebrew.

Anonymous said...

I just two hours ago sent Rabbi Singer a msg about whether we should encourage Ben Noach to move to Israel. Israel is infested with sheker religions that kill the body and the soul of Jews. Why don't we? If they love G-d - the G-d of Israel sincerely they are allowed to live in Israel. Now is probably a good time to encourage because the govt. wants to be PC. In the near future when our numbers increase try will try to prevent it. Any thoughts?

Bambina said...

this is what clears the waters of all faking travesties..having Jews and Rabbis standing for truth in G-d and keeping torah/Judaism and by that the nations get blessings..B'H' for Rabbi Tovia to bless us (noahide) with shiurim and the growing centers like NetivOnline

814 אורנה ניצבת said...

Dear anonymous 6:02, Israel is for the Jews, it will be big Yerushalayim.
The sweet Bnei Noah, that will survive and be taken care of by Hashem will live in The Big Israel! Indeed all rest of the world will be Israel, because when we Jews unite in serving Hashem, the TORAH LIGHT will be so strong, you will be blessed by it, to live in the Big Israel. There will be no tuma or any avoda zara! Have Emuna! Happening soon. Make yourself clean and ready to serve just HASHEM with the reast of our creation.
Take care!

Anonymous said...

Pushing non-Jews, even the bnei Noach, to immigrate to EY is wrong. They are part of their nations and will live in their respective countries. True that the world be purified with no more tumah and the whole world, thus, will have kedusha and be considered like EY, but the whole Land of Israel will be for the Jews; and the whole of Eretz Yisrael will be considered as Yerushalayim. There is a big world out there nnd those of the nations will have the privilege of living in their ancestral homes. The Land of Israel will be full of Jewish neshamot because there will be Techiyat Hameitim and they will fill the whole Land, the complete Land as promised by H'.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Orna! I'm making Aliyah in August..

814 אורנה ניצבת said...

Good to hear, every Jewish Neshama back home, means a bit closer....!
To hear this makes me so happy!
We must pray for every Jew to return to us out of Mitzrayim.
Every halachic Jew is one little piece that we cannot miss.
At the moment all of us realize this, our hearts melt together into a Big Shinning Light and thats the moment we are waiting for.
The Light of the Torah is builded of the names of every Jew written in the book of Life.
Clothed in your Emuna, come home!

Orna Nitzevet bat Tikva