Thursday, October 25, 2018

Rabbi Kessin on Kashoggi


Anonymous said...

I am a little confused.

Could anyone explai, if the satan is something Hashem uses, then why cannot Hashem just not allow satan to go too far...

Yetza hara and satan samething? or are they different or like how xtians believe in this satan thing.

Thanks to anyone who can explain.

Gd bless.


Devorah said...

The Satan was created by Hashem and Hashem can ultimately stop the satan whenever He wants. I think there is a process which has to occur and so Hashem allows many things that we as humans do not totally understand. The Xtian view of the satan is not the same as the Torah sets out.

The yetzer hara is our own desire to do the wrong thing, it is the animal soul [nefesh habehamis] in us. We constantly strive to allow our G-dly soul [nefesh haElokis] to lead. If you want to learn all about this in great depth, then learn it from the great Rabbi Y. Y. Jacobson at
A Tale of Two Souls

Devorah said...

For some simpler explanations of the Satan click here

Anonymous said...

Baruch Hashem..

And Toda, Devorah,

thanks i will check out Rabbi YY Jacobsons shiur that you have given. By the by, i am an ardent listener to the Rabbi, and also some others.

and also i thank you for the second one on this awful satan...

Hashem bless you and yours..

and all who come to this blog.

Amen v'amen.


Devorah said...

From 8.40 min mark Rabbi Mizrachi discusses his take on Kashoggi here
Parshat Vayera incl Current Events

Devorah said...

New shiur from Rabbi Anava:
Moshiach is Coming: Get Ready because it's going to get harder

Unknown said...

Because if u remove free will for good and eveil u will be no diffrent then the cell phone device in ur pocket. Eventualy all people would be the same lacking individuality .

Leah said...

Yes unknown at 8:12 pm, becheira, free choice. hashem refrains from personal intervention in order for free choice to reign.
When we make the proper choice we are free beings....

Anonymous said...

Thank you Leah and also all who have reached out to help me.

I especially thank Devorah for her help and for giving me those sites where i can read and learn.
Hashem bless you all...

Shabbat Shalom ..


Anonymous said...

Can't you see Devorah that Rav Kessin doesn't have a clue? You promote a Rabbi whose absurdities have no limits.
Please compare his shiurim with those of Rabbis Anava and Mizrachi. What a difference! By listening to Rav Kessin people get confused, it is your responsibility to choose meaningful shiurim helping Am Yisrael in such critical times. Let my comment be published and respond to it, and let people to have a critical opinion about Rav Kessin's value of sermons. Lev

Devorah said...

No Anonymous I can't see that he ''doesn't have a clue''. On the contrary, he's been right from the start when he predicted Trump's win and everything else.

when I look at events today, and the hysteria from the liberals regarding anything Trump does, it just shows me that the things Rabbi Kessin is saying are actually happening right before our eyes.

Barbra Streisand is so distressed, she's released a new album to sing about the dreadfulness of Trump. People are obsessed with destroying him. They can't bear him. Why? He's doing a great job, as far as I can see, no matter what he may have done in the past he's now the President and he is making America great again, in spite of all the haters.

Please explain where you think Rabbi Kessin has got it wrong.

Devorah said...

Comparing Rabbi Mizrachi with Rabbi Kessin... as you suggest.... have a listen to Rabbi Mizrachi's shiur on Pittsburgh, which i am about to put up on the blog...from apprx the 7 min mark.... and you will see that Rabbi Mizrachi is agreeing with Rabbi Kessin.
You Tube link for Rabbi Mizrachi on Pittsburgh is

Anonymous said...

Hello Devorah,

I was suprised to read that comment from 'annonymous" accusing you of 'promoting' Rabbi Kessin.

This is not nice-(in my opinion, which may not count with many Jews, as i am a non-Jew, but follow Hashem and H-s Torah), that the one accusing you, is not doing good, by trying to push 'her/his, opinion"telling you that by posting the Rabbi's shuir, many according to her/him, will be confused.

Rabbi Kessin tries to teach , and when one does not understand what he says, its simple to ask someone, or if one can ask the good Rabbi directly what he meant by ... this.. or that.. or whatever.. I am sure someone or the Rabbi himself would answer. This is what the annonymous ought to have done.. especially as he/she put it in these
'critical times..Just saying...

At this time when there is enough confusion coming into the world, trying to put Rabbi's down, is not ... (again in my opinion), a good thing.

Devorah you replied to her well... I just want to thank you for from your blog, i have learned much... besides, when i have asked you for to help me understand things that i do not understand , you have helped me many times, when i asked you directlly.
Thank you for that help.

I might also add, that there are also many Jewish blogs i go to, to learn.. and i am grateful to them all... most of all to Hashem... for I have seen how Hashem has helped me... when i need some answer to some thing troubling me...
The way Hashem has helped me.. is via these blogs... for as soon as i go... with the question bothering me at the time.. i go to one of these great blogs, and lo and behold, my answer is there. Hashem helpe me... Baruch Hashem!

I see it as Hashem taking me to get my answer to questions that i ask of Him..

Devorah thank you. and Hashem bless you.

Hashem bless even the one who wrote to you as she did.

All happens for a reason.. in the end... nu?