Monday, September 16, 2019

The Coming of Moshiach and the Greatness of Torah (part 2)

Rabbi Mendel Kessin shiur given last night in Israel


Anonymous said...

Exactly when did the concept of saving one's self become so perplexing?

Neshama said...

Devorah, did you listen to this one?????
He always ends with an “astonishment”.
Shnas Techi Shnas Pekida!
"pakod pakadti?”
"As in the days when you left the land of Egypt I will show it wonders." (Michah 7:15) – the future redemption is like the redemption from Egypt. Even though it seems that in our generation, as well, the people are not worthy of redemption, and the spiritual situation is very low, but the Midrash says: pakod – in the days of Moshe, pakadti – in the days of Mashiach. The future redemption also exists, and it will become revealed in a sudden manner, without any graduation. May we will merit seeing the complete redemption speedily in our days, Amen. Yeshivah Kerem B'Yavneh

Devorah said...

Are we on the brink of a world war over oil? Is this Gog u Magog? Other bloggers seem to think's some info on what's going on:

moshe said...

Cdrrection: The Rabbi inadvertently said that China is Yefet (Noah's son) but China is not from Yefet. They stem from Cham! The descendants of Yefet are, i.e.: Germany, Turkey, the Scandanavian peoples, Greeks, and some others. The black and Chinese people are descendants of Ham (Cham).

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing at first. I think that his point was that the government is operating as a Yefes type government. Like we group Paras with Yishmoel even though he's Yefes.


Devash said...

Take this for what it's worth. It's my understanding that the war between Edom and Persia (the US and Iran) will be considered as WWIII. Apparently, it will be so bad that it will convince the whole world that religion has run its course in the life of humanity and is actually the cause of all wars and must be stamped out once and for all, or else the only "acceptable" religion will be this World Religion where everybody comes together, recognizes their common "brotherhood" and accepts that everyone is entitled to their own "truth."

Any expression of religious faith that insists it alone has the real truth or seeks to impose a particularistic view of God on others will not be tolerated.

One of the amazing results of WWIII will be that it opens the way for Mashiach's arrival (or simply revelation) in Eretz Yisrael. Hashem will occupy the world with the aftermath of this war to keep their attention off what is going on here. You can imagine their anger when they see that a leader has arisen in Israel that goes against everything that they have just decided about religion in the world as he calls all Jews back to the Torah.

Not only that, much of the world by this time have decided that Israel was the ultimate cause of the war they've just experienced, so pretty much as a whole they decide with one mind that Israel really has got to go. All the Jews who are willing to assimilate - as so many are already doing - will be allowed to survive. (By "assimilate," I mean like the "rabbis" who are willing to sit with Christian priests and Muslims imams and say that their paths are equally acceptable to God and that we should concentrate on what unites us rather than on what divides us. That "we are all children of Avraham.")

By this point, possibly there has already been an exchange of sorts as Jews who identify openly as Jews in the Diaspora will have suffered terribly from antisemitism because of the war situation and have left for Israel (because MBY will send planes for them - money will not be an issue). Those in Israel who experienced the rise of Mashiach want out, so they move to chu"l.

This, then, will be when the military phase of Gog uMagog will come into play as the nations form a global coalition to wipe Israel and the stubborn Jews who insist on clinging to the Torah out of existence. (This also explains why Yechezkel HaNavi (ch. 38) lists Persia as one of Gog's allies, since it will no longer be an Islamic regime.) I think the US will lead this coalition and that "Gog" is the title for whoever is president at that time.

As I understand it, this war never actually takes place as Hashem Himself "descends" to fight and destroy them before they can actually touch Israel. Those who invade through the North are wiped out by Divine decree in the Jezreel Valley. Those who come through Jordan and up Hwy 1 to gather in the Valley of Yehoshefat outside Jerusalem will be hit by a Divine plague.

Devorah said...

Thanks for that, it's all speculation at the moment, let's wait and see what happens next. I"m very conscious of the fact that some people read things on blogs and believe that is exactly what's happening, but I repeat, this is speculation. Que sera sera.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is speculation because it doesn't take into account the huge amount of chasidei umot ha-olam. I just can't picture them "joining the nations in war" or ever becoming violent. Most of them are into constructiveness, not destructiveness, even if they're not necessarily religious. Their motto is "live and let live" and many of them are even kindhearted. Take, for example, Foster Gamble, Nassim Harramein, and others like them. They believe in a "unified field", and even if they don't use the term "God", they're more spiritual, in my opinion, than many who -do- use that term.

I know about "halacha b'yadua she'esav sonei es yaakov", but how do i know for sure if anyone from umot ha'olam aren't the GOOD side of esav?

To Moshe (rhetorically) how can it be that the Chinese are from Cham, as some of them are so very different than blacks in temperament (even if not all, and that includes Filipino's). Also, what about the Thai, Cambodians, Koreans, India Indians, American Indians, Alaskans, Hawaii, Khazakstani's, and way more. Even between all those groups as well as Jews, there has been so much intermarriage over the centuries, that it's a potpourri of genetics by now.

There's too much generalization, simplification and glossing over. Nothing is that pat after all these millennia.

Devash said...

Exactly, Devorah, as I wrote: "...for what it's worth. It's my understanding...." It IS speculation as you say, but it is also based on the learning of a lifetime.

M.M., you bring up an excellent point. It was not correct for me to assume that everyone already knew that it is a given that there will be surviving righteous gentiles among the nations after Gog uMagog. And ramchal goes into detail about their place in the world to come.

There is no question at all that across the world there are millions of righteous gentiles, but that is out of Billions. They are a small minority and it is THEY the prophet speaks of when he says: "And it will come to pass that everyone left of the nations who came up against Jerusalem will go up from year to year to prostrate himself to the King, the Lord of Hosts, and to celebrate the festival of Sukkot." (Zechariah 14.16)

Neshama said...

An aside: Rabbi Kessin mentioned Rivera at the end of his shiur and I just saw this:

"Mariano Rivera granted Presidential Medal of Freedom
Israel-supporting former Yankees pitcher granted top civilian award by President Trump. 'Maybe the greatest pitcher of all time.’”


Anonymous said...

Wow, the last few comments were par excellent! Devash, to me, it sounds like you hit the nail on the head! Our prophets do say that in the end both Eisav and Yishmael will unite to fight Yisrael, together with all the nations in the War of Gog U'Magog.
BTW, Iran (which means Aryan) like the Germans, who are their distant cousins because the Persians are also from Yefet,).

Anonymous said...

To Anon @5:16 pm (M.M) The information given above about the geneaology of the nations is '100'% correct. This is taken from the genealogical graph from the beginning of history 'The graphic History of the Jewish Heritage' edited by Pinchas Wollman Tsamir. Each of the 3 sons of Noach had a number of children each and from them came the different nations. Our Sages tell us that the Chinese are from Cham. The Germans, Iranians, Greeks, Philistines (who were from the Greek Isles), and some others are from Yefet. The Jewish people are from Shem and the Yishmaelim are from Shem (father's side-Avraham Avinu, as the Indians of India). From their mothers' side they are from Cham.

Anonymous said...

Devash, i wonder where the righteous of the nations will be when/if the rising up against the Jews were to take place.

To 4:56am Anon:
Interesting, what you say about India, and Yishmael. Did R'Tsamir happen to also mention American Indians, and others i mentioned above?

Also, I take back what i said, because oriental genes are very dominant, as i've noted empirically. So could be the Chinese' genes+temperament came from Cham's wife, or daughter-in-law, or anyone down the line with strongly-dominant oriental genes.

Not just that, but since i've not been to the Far East, i can't really know about temperament exceptions. And i'm not speaking about nowadays, since i assume they've become programmed by the socialist regime.

Rahel F Adye said...

You've got em mixed up. The video of the Rabbi in his salon is not last Sunday's "Greatness of Torah part 2." Go to the rabbi's FB page or Yiboneh for the correct vid.

Devorah said...

Rahel: This video is not in his salon, this is the Yiboneh official video so not sure what you mean. I do have another one in his salon just above this one, so maybe you're confusing the two of them.