Monday, November 19, 2018

Mamash Angels

We've been told that the way to avoid the chevlei Moshiach [birthpangs of Moshiach] is by learning Torah and doing good deeds. The other advantage of both these things is that when you do them, you create [good] angels for yourself, as Yaakov does in this week's Parsha.

"And Yaakov sent angels ahead of him to Eisav" [Vayishlach 32:4]

Rashi comments: "And Yaakov sent angels -  literally [mamash] angels".

R'Meir of Premishlan explained Rashi's words with the Mishnah in Pirkei Avos [4:13] : "He who fulfills one mitzvah gains one advocate for himself". When an individual performs a mitzvah, he creates an angel that speaks favorably on his behalf in Heaven.

The verse tells us that Yaakov sent angels as messengers to Eisav. Which angels did Yaakov send? Those angels that had been created through the mitzvos that he had performed.

This is what Rashi is alluding to when he says: "mamash angels".  For "mamash" is the acronym of the words "malachim me'mitzvos sheásah" ["angels from the mitzvos he performed"].

Source: Rabbi Yisrael Bronstein


Anonymous said...

that is so good to read. Thank you, Devorah.

For me i try, as non-Jew of course, but the 1 or 2 steps i take forward, and feel good for that, i fall way way back...

Is this how it is sometimes? I mean for non-Jews too??

Or would it not count as much as a non-Jew.

Just trying to do what is right... even when at times so difficult.

God bless you and yours.


Leah said...

Yes, of course, kala. We all have our trials in life where we advance 2 steps and then fall back a step.
My father was a Ben Noach- a righteous gentile. He believed in Hashem. He has a place in the world to come. His neshama is elevated. I remember that he, too would advance and I'm sure he had his tests.
Speaking to Hashem about our tests and our desire to do what is right is important.
Hang in there! :)

Unknown said...

Your good deeds count no matter if you are Jewish or not.

Anonymous said...

Dear Leah, Thank you and may Hashem His love on you.

Reading this, i felt so uplifted... and i am glad to say, even before i read your comment to me,
(thank you Devorah for your blog, where so many come to help each other, i have been many times, now i must go back to Leah)

Sorry for that small break,Leah, so even before i read your comment just now, i have been trying to stop and take positive steps. Today good things happened, and when i came to this blog, saw yours and one more who i shall answer too, in a minute.
Its almost dusk here where i am, and the first thing i did was come to this blog, and so happy Leah for your comment. I just follow Hashem too as did your wonderful dear father, and yes, He is up in Shamayin, for only Hashem really knows each of us, and what and who we are. Yes we all have trials, and how to bear them and move on, i have to say, i have and am still learning from all you wonderful Chosen of Hashem.

Leah, God bless you and yours, and may you and yours and all of Am Israel, and all other good people too, be under the Shelter of His Wings. Amen v'Amen.
You have cheered me up... and i thank you once again. :) Kala.

to Unknown, at 5.A.M.

Dear Unknown, to Hashem you are known, and I ask Hashem to bless you for sending me those encouraging words, that make me happy and i was really happy for your reaching out to me... strangers a lot of us are to each other, yet through the means of the internet and good blogs, we reach out to help those who need a kind word or two. What a wonderful world, even when we see the horror going around, yet people reach out to shine the light, the light of Hashem, (amen) to those who need it,
(like me), and so many others.

These little helpful words, may seem so little, but how powerful they be.

Unknown, may you keep on shining Hashem's light and may Hashem bless you and yours... thanks so much again.


P.s. forgive me for carrying on and on...but i mean all those words i write...
Baruch Hashem.