Sunday, February 14, 2021

The Battle of the Last War....

 ...are you programmed

New shiur from Rabbi Alon Anava whose videos can now be found at

Wonderful lecture, everything is explained here, highly recommend this shiur.

The battle of the last war - Are you Programmed? from Rabbi Alon Anava on Vimeo.


Lisa said...

thank you!

Real News said...

On June 11, 2020, Rav Yehuda Sheinfeld said, "We are in the last stages of the chevlei Moshiach (birthpangs of the Moshiach). All that’s left is the final few months of the chevlei Moshiah.”

Rav Yehuda Sheinfeld, shlita, is a well-known kabbalist, and close student of the late Milkman, z"tl (

This article was published on June 11, 2020. From June 11, 2020 to March 14, 2021 is 9 months and 3 days. Fortunately, the Gemara says that in [the month of*] Nissan we were redeemed from Egypt and in Nissan in the future we will be redeemed in the final redemption (Rosh Hashanah 11a).

*Not on Pesach.
On October 14, the daughter of Rav Dovid Chaim Stern, one of the biggest Kabbalists living now, Rabbanit Stern who is a very big Tzaddaiket said the following:

Then she said: Listen well – the Mashiach is very close and will be revealed soon. In the month of Adar, there is going to be a lot of chaos in the world, in Israel and all over the world, there will be tremendous confusion, many people will die. Many well respected rabbis are also not going to merit receiving Mashiach, they will not survive, because they are not really tzaddikim.

Why? She said that for them the main thing is learning Torah and they disregard all the requirements of bein adaim l’chaveiro, how a person is supposed to treat others. Love of your fellow man. Not to listen or speak lashon hara. All those people defile the mitzvah of doing chessed/kindness to others, will not be around when Mashiach is revealed. Ba’alai Machloket, those who stir up strife, will not be around. Also, those who are not tzinut/modest, they will also not be around when Mashiach comes. Everyone now has time to fix the sin of lashon hara/speaking or thinking badly about others. We have until around the month of Adar (the month when Purim falls), which is around March. It is 4 months from now.

Everyone needs to fix everything in the next 4 months. She continued and said that those who remain will merit to greet Mashiach in the month of Nissan (the month when Pesach falls).

Rabbanit Stern herself said in a recording that there will be tremendous fear, in the world, in the month of Adar. Everyone in the world will be scared, more than right now.

She said, the main thing to work on is Interpersonal Relationships. The Redemption already has begun, but it is hidden.

There are a lot of people who will not merit to be around. She said by Pesach there will be a beautiful Redemption (
Here's a video of a boy that dreamt a dreamed three times on Chanukah:

Unknown said...

Coronavirus is very real and I know people who survived it and were lucky but they still have problems. Have faith in Hashem but do your part...wear a mask, wash your hands and keep a safe distance. This is not a hoax but a serious illness. Don't take needless risks on anyone's say-so. Diaspora Ro

Devorah said...

Yes I agree D.R. and rabbis need to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath-water. It is a dangerous disease, even if some people only get a mild case, many have died from it, and many seem to dying after they have been given a vaccination. It's like a lottery... can people afford to gamble with this vaccine? How many lies do they tell us? We just don't know anything for sure. I know people who've had the vaccine and no weird side effects but I also know of those who died after the vaccine. In the end, what Rabbi Anava says is right, you just have to have faith in Hashem, but at the same time he should not trivialize this covid thing, and whether or not he meant it that way, he needs to clarify. And wearing a mask does give you some protection, and yes people these days run away fast from anyone who is coughing in the street. It's not a surprise.

Lisa said...

i live in israel. most people in our community got the vaccines-2 pfizer. no one died. out of hundreds, less than 1/4 experienced 1-2 days of side effects ranging from fever for about a day to feeling tired. my father lives in a retirement home in israel. everyone in this home,hundreds of the elderly, were vaccinated. no one died. no one went to hospital. most didn't have side effects. otherwise, side effects were slight. so far so good...hope i can say this a year from now...ten years from now...

TheRawsomeVeganGal said...

To Diaspora Ro & Devorah and anyone else

the masks have been proven to do more harm then good as the virus is so small it can penetrate through. Unless you wear a full face gas mask, that would probably be the only things to prevent it and yet, it is all in the "hands" of Hashem to decide who gets it or not, regardless of anything you do. The N95 mask protects at 3mm and the virus is 20400 nanometer. Here are 2 links to look up about this:

My uncle, Moshe Aharon Alter ben Chasa said, virus has to do with averos, as no harm comes to anyone without sins (could be from past incarnations, too). Most important is keeping Shabbat 100 percent, modesty 100 percent according to Halacha, keeping 100 percent kosher at home and outside. Of course there are other things, as well. We say in Kriyat Shema before bed we say a pasuk from the Torah, Shemos 15:26, "If you hearken diligently to the voice of Hashem your G-d, and do what is just in His "eyes," give ear to His commandments, and observe all His decrees, all the diseases that I put in Mitzrayim, I will not bring upon you, because I am Hashem, your Healer!" The emphasis is ALL, we can not pick and choose what we think is good for us, that is why The Torah maps it out for us. When you read through The Torah and see how many times it mentions the word ALL in Hebrew. Hashem never said some or part of the commandments, it always says ALL. The AriZal said that number 1 thing to protect you from a plague or virus is emunah and beetachon. If you call this hotline, Life with Beetachon, 732-719-3898 press 8 then 5 then 874, you will hear the source from The Holy Ari. It also says in The Holy Divine Torah, Devarim 23:14-15, " For Hashem your G-d walks within your camp to save you, etc. He shall not see nakedness/immodesty with you, lest He withdraw from behind you (and you remain unprotected)."Meedah keneged medal/measure for measure is how Hashem works. If you do not cover your physical body the way are supposed to, Hashem doesn't protect your physical body.

May we all do 100 percent teshuvah and Hashem in His infinite and endless mercy and kindness will bring The Moshiach, speedily in our days, Amen!

Devorah said...

Vegan Gal yes you are probably right about the masks, personally I never wear one unless there's a denial of entry without one. I think everyone looks ridiculous with them on and it does amaze me that its become a way of life for some people. We don't have that issue here so much as B"H we hardly have any covid cases anymore and everything is very relaxed here for that reason.

TheRawsomeVeganGal said...

Shalom Devorah

I saw from your profile, you are in Australia. It is summer there now. Unfortunately, in some parts of the world, like Eretz Yisroel, you can get fined for not wearing one when leave the house. I live in CA and do have to wear it inside any building and also on buses and I actually started to just use a cotton bandana/scarf, as the disposable masks are made of unnatural material and didn't like it and do wash it daily. It is scientifically proven about the masks, not my say so. I just wear because I have to, but never when walking outside.

By the way, I love your profile picture. I love roses, especially the two-tone one called Double Delight. Look it up sometimes. It has the most wonderful fragrant aroma in all stages of its life from when it is fully closed to even when it is at the end stages and is dried out. Hashem makes such beautiful things for us to enjoy in sight, touch, smell, taste and sound.

Devorah said...

I know the double delight roses, someone used to buy them for me every week!

TheRawsomeVeganGal said...

That is so special. The Double Delight Rose is beautiful to the eyes and a delight to the senses. I even wrote a poem about it many years ago called, "A Crush On A Bud Or My Date With A Double Delight". I wish I could send you a printed copy of it, as wrote it with a nice font. I will share it here, anyway. I wrote it in such a way, that if you didn't know it was about this rose, would not know what the poem is about till the 2nd to last line.

My Crush On A Bud Or My Date With A Double Delight

Oh, how I love to get close to you
and be enveloped by your smell
so floral and delightful
of that I can tell.
A crush on you, I do declare
I want the scent to linger long
I carry it with me in every present moment
as I sing a happy song
I can't let it go
and stop to see you quite often
always in sight
even when you are not around
just thinking of you
brings a smile to my face
'cuz a ROSE by any other name
lacks your grace.

by G.G. Mine'y (my pen name, but do not use it anymore) Copyright Apr. '97

enricoariel said...

at the end (approxx ten minutes to the end) the rav mentions that the G'ra wrote in Sifrei D'tzniusa that pesukim of the Torah correlate to the Jewish years. but I don't understand his calculation. from what I could find ( our year is Devarim 32-35. anyone knows?

RivkieS said...

enricoariel - like in this shiur? I came up with Deut. 32, 26 but not sure if that is right. The Rashi for it sounds interesting

Ilya said...

It was apparently stated by a rabbi in the past that when snow falls in Yerushalayim it represents the sweetening of the judgements.

Rabbi Anava states during this time it is important to learn Zohar and the mystical parts of the Torah.

This recent talk connects many dots (including the spiritual reason behind the NWO agenda - going all the way back to Avraham Avinu's time) and points out that this coming Pesach will be 3,333 years since the original Yetziat Mitzrayim. 33 33. Isn't the # 33 also a symbol that other groups have been using?

A lot of interesting dots here:

Alexandra said...

AMEN . Thanks yo so much for to share this video . Blessings & Miracles

yaak said...


See also this post from last year, where I note that there are various ways to calculate. (I also linked to that Saba Hillel post.)

I don't know how to justify Rabbi Anava's calculation, though. You should ask him how he gets to near the beginning of Ha'azinu.

RivkieS said...

In fact, the Hebrew word for snow -- sheleg -- has a numerical value (gematria) of 333 (from Aish website )

Devorah said...

LondonMale said...

Masks are a vital protection to reduce your chance of catching Covid 19.
The size of the virus particle is relevant, because the virus is contained in someone's breath, or their cough particles, or their sneeze mucus.
The liquid nature of these means that the liquid can sit on the surface of the masks, which reduce the amount of virus transmitted to the wearer.
They therefore reduce the viral load, which also means that if you do catch the virus illness, you will have been exposed to less virus particles so are less likely to have severe symptoms.
Yes, of course be like a lion in pursuing Mitzvot and Torah study.
But we cannot ignore physical health and nutrition...we are also commanded to look after our health.
Make sure you have recommended amounts of Vitamins C and D, Zinc and Selenium.
Wash your clothes and hands and face after being in a public place, especially inside a store.
Have a shower when you come home.
Wear a mask, keep your distance from others.
And if you are overweight, keep a careful diet and exercise, because obesity will make you more susceptible to this plague.

Unknown said...

R' Alon mentioned we need to put our minds into a safe place, during this battle for our thoughts . . . this image is my personal inspiration to stay focused on our mission and purpose . . . may we see good, healing light very soon . . .

Moshe Miller