Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene in Bible Codes


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  2. Sorry Anonymous, I don't allow links to sites that promote JC.
    Your thoughts were great until the last paragraphs....
    This is a Jewish site, as you well know, not interested in JC's followers trying to convert us.

  3. Missionaries should be OUTLAWED.

  4. Devorah, read Lazer Brody on Lazer Beams re: North Carolina's Jonah. Very interesting.

  5. Lazer Beams is on the same track as Israel Rising: Earthquake Hurricane and Pollard

  6. Email from Roy S. Neuberger

    Here on the East Coast of America, we are preparing for Shabbos in the face of an oncoming hurricane. This week we also experienced an earthquake! What is going on?
    I want you to know that Hashem watches over us so carefully! Do you think there are any accidents in this world? Does a twig move or a bird fly and it's not the exact will of G-d?
    "O afflicted, storm-tossed, unconsoled one, behold! I shall lay your floor stones upon pearls and make your foundations of sapphire ... All your children will be students of Hashem and abundant will be your children's peace. Establish yourself through righteousness, distance yourself from oppression for you need not fear it, and from panic, for it will not come near you." (Isaiah 54:11ff)
    Can you imagine!
    On the day before the storm, Hashem comforts us in advance and tells us not to fear or panic! In a few weeks, with G-d's help, I will discuss the recent earthquake, but the Talmud tells us that is also a sign of Heavenly consolation!
    My friends, whatever happens in the world, we have an Anchor that will keep us steady. May we weather all storms and soon see the Final Redemption with the coming of Moshiach ben Dovid!

    Roy S. Neuberger

  7. Very comforting words indeed from Roy Neuberger.

    Devorah, please pass on all our sincerest concerns and prayers for HaShem's protection for all the Yehudim in the firing line.

    Todah rabbah Devorah for sharing.

  8. Davar Achar: another thing: It is a good thing to leave places that are giving ketubot to men lying with men. These places are unsafe, far more unsafe than Ashdod or Beersheva are at this time. These places include New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Illinois. In Illinois, they may call it a civil union, but it is identical to a marriage with all the same rights and priveledges of a marriage. In short, continuing to live in New York, Jersey, Boston, or Chicago and its suburbs is now very, very dangerous. At this point you have to decide if you want to move to Dallas, TX which will never sanction this lifestyle or to Eretz Yisrael where G-d Himself will deal with those Jews who want to impose this lifestyle on everyone else. Choose carefully.

    Personally, I find it amusing that over 1 1/2 million Torah observant Jews might innundate Dallas or Houston, TX rather than move to Eretz Yisrael in response to all of this lying with males legislation sweeping liberal America. If I were you, I would not be so quick to trust a state that keeps electing people like Gov. Gog W. Bush or Rick Perry. They do serve G-d but for the purpose of creating prosperity. It is not lishma and not to be trusted. But if a big house and prosperity are that important to you, I hear Dallas has a growing community. Of course, there is a growing body of evidence that G-d is no longer pleased with the idea that the purpose of serving Him is to make money or build Olam HaZeh alone. The cracks in the Washington Monument, the most important symbol of FreeMasonry in the world today, is a testament to that.

  9. Dov Bar-Leib, with all due respect, I am shocked and offended by your random assessment and improper judgement of people of Houston, Texas. Our community continues to flourish and grow not because of greed but because we are living a Torah True life. People are moving into my community from all over the world.
    You should not be so quick to judge. By the way, we are the most zionistic community and our children make aliyah in droves. I know that we are doing something right. By the way, although there is a drought in our state, our small but growing community gets rain when no one else does.

  10. i understand what dov bar leib wrote as (i stand corrected if i am wrong) about not getting too confortable outside israel, but to focus on returning Home. wherever a jew is, no matter how prosperous he can become, his home is only Israel. the only place no one can nor will call him an immigrant citizen as his citizenship as an insraelite is from Hashem. NO doubt jews in the diaspora have helped israel tremendously financially and morally, but it must be also remembered as Mordechai told ester, if she does not help, help will still come to the jews from other sources. Hashem will make it happen. so basically i feel dov is right in what he wrote. its time for jews to return home and flood their own G-d given land. i am happy, anonymous your community is receiving rain. but when your neighbours dont, over time, the anger of the gentiles will as always turn on the jews. everything that goes wrong in this world will be blamed on the jews and not on our own sins of the 70 nations. just as in egypt many did not want to leave, in germany too, the signs were there and many did not leave, and today the signs are there too. and many are not leaving.

  11. Are bible codes permissible because questions are "asked" after the fact?

  12. Um, nowhere did I attack the Jewish communities of Dallas or Houston. I am sure that there are fine Jews there in both cities. I happen to personally know a few of them in Dallas. But the general gentile spirit in Texas is to serve G-d to make money. Prosperity doctrine amongst the state's gentile populaion is very high there. That is why they elect governors like Gog W. Bush and Rick Perry. Serving G-d to prosper only takes a person to the 33rd level of purity which happens to be the highest level of FreeMasonry, most represented in the world by the Washington Monument on the National Mall. G-d is literally tearing that world view apart at this time. So it is best that Jews even those who are tzaddikim not remain in the midst of societies who only serve G-d to the 33rd level such as Texas. It too is a dangerous place for a different reason than a place such as New Jersey which freely hands out marriage contracts to homosexuals. I am sorry if I was misunderstood. Eretz Yisrael starting in 5772 will be the only safe haven for Jews who do not want to live amongst such societies that are now out of favor in the Heavenly Court.

  13. There is also the spiritual danger of living in a society filled with people who serve G-d for the sole purpose of making money. We are warned in the Torah that we can develop the spiritual worldview of our neighbors even if we consciously try to avoid it. It somehow can seep through. Such it was with Korach when he had bad neighbors such as Dothan and Aviram from Shevet Reuven.

  14. Again I feel like you are judging the people of Texas without knowing that which you are speaking of. The people who I know are indeed, Thank God, prospering and yet they are THE MOST philanthropic people that I know. The amount of Tzeddakah that they give is unprecendented. People from Israel come to our neighborhood on a weekly basis for ongoing support. Many of the affluent in our neighborhood are physicians so their salaries are set by the large entities that hire them, yet they buy homes in anticipation of new people coming into the eruv (Baal teshuvah's are on the rise), and continue to support our day school, shul and of course our Israel. The traveling that our community does back and forth to Israel is amazing and most if not all are planning a way to move to Israel. This takes time as we don't want to be a burden to the country, we want to add value. Don't judge the Texans who you don't know. We have a plan and it's working just the way God wants it to.