Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Projected path of Hurricane Irene as it moves up the East Coast of America.

All you need to know about Irene here: ACCU Weather


Joe said...

It is most interesting to note that "Irene - Eirene," was the Greek goddess of peace. The Roman equivalent was "Pax."She was one of the "Horae - Hours or Seasons," which in Greek mythology were regarded as goddessess of order in general and natural justice. "They bring and bestow ripeness, they come and go in accordance with the firm law of the periodicities of nature and of life."
It can also mean "correct moment."

From this we can deduce that "Horae Eirene," the goddess of peace / law and order... brings and bestows ripeness at the "correct moment."

Now for the crunch.Hurricane Irene, believe it or not, visited the USA back in August 2005 just before the Gerush of Gush Katif. Coincidence, I think not. No damage was recorded as it dissipated over the Atlantic. However, the next Hurricane, Katrina, just after the Gerush, has gone down in history for loss of human life and sundry.Katrina - "Keter" showed all Yad HaShem.

After the earlier earthquake in Washington and the US east coast, could it now be "THE CORRECT MOMENT" that the ripeness to bestow the fruits of natural justice for the crime of Gush Katif finally be vindicated.

Have a nice day.

Devorah said...

Thank you Joe ! The comments always end up being far more exciting than the blog posts.
I checked, not because I doubted you, but just to make sure, and there was indeed a Hurricane Irene in 2005 just before Katrina.

Anonymous said...

O.M.G. (Oh-My-Goodness!)
Joe and Devorah.
Are you both implying that some terrible event is due to occur in the U.S.A. that will be brought on by "Mother Nature"?
(In other words: Will Divine Providence be 'disguised' - or perhaps be Revealed in Natural disaster/s or the like?).
G-d help America - if America doesn't help Israel !!!

Joe said...

Shalom Devorah,

Anonymous, not trying to predict the future per se but the facts and reality of what is happening around the globe speak for themselves.
Sure, some people will somehow try and blame this, that and the other, whether it be "Mother Nature" or global warming, etc.

Nothing happens by chance for those who believe in "Abba Melech."
Americans are in shock that big earthquakes do not occur in East US..... well?
Japan thought that Fukishima was bullet proof......well?
Norway thought that it was too civilized and prosperous for massacres to occur....well?
USSR thought that they were eternally brotherhood of man....well?
Yishmael is falling apart and self imploding while the West plays the fiddle while their bastions of democracy burn from multiculturalism, political correctness and outright greed...well?

What man has done with impunity because HaShem was silent, man thus thinking he was beyond Divine judgment seeing that he was getting away with it and now every word and action will be put under the microscope of Divine scrutiny. All will be exposed....middah keneged middah.We are talking not just for the past 62 years but for the past 2000 years.

HaShem will deliver Israel under Divine Oath....... but the goyim that are ease.......beware for HaShem is aroused out of His Holy Habitation. Zech 1.

HaShem, Torah, Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael are "echad."

Amalek must be destroyed for it divides the YK from the VK. Its role has been to divide the Holy Name of HaShem by convincing the world that HaShem is not involved in the affairs of mankind.
Rabbi Pinchas Winston speaks volumes of this in the role of Yosef's town Sh'kem.It is a three part series.

Hashgachah Pratis at its sublime limit.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Joe - I want to share what you wrote on Facebook - is that ok?

Anonymous said...

I hope I don't sound unbalanced but when my husband called me and told me there was a big earthquake in Washington DC, I felt such joy - I can't describe it. There are no coincidences in this world. Justice will be done by the Almighty and we may, G-d willing, receive the blessing of being able to witness it with our very own eyes.

Leah said...

Yes, While one is not allowed to say what it is that Hashem is doing and why, it is wise to take the thunderous approach that earthquakes and tsunamis and other natural forces wield and do teshuvah.
One of the brachos is "...shecocho ugevuroso molay olam." Hashem's guvurah- strength. Earthwuakes are serious and while we must be careful at what we lay at the foot of the L-rd,(speculation), it is wise to say, "Huh? Ok, what should I be doing differently because this is spiritual and not just physical in nature."

Devorah said...

Joe: you have been validated by Rabbi Glazerson's Torah Codes on the Virginia earthquake.... which occurred the same Hebrew date as Hurricane Katrina.

Joe said...

Todah Rabbah Devorah for your efforts.

Rabbi Lazer Brody has also added some interesting insights on his blog.
I forwarded my comments to him as well.

Honestly I am not looking for validation. True Divine justice for all my dearest chaverim from Gush Katif who have been doing it tough is what this is all about. Mind you after six years only 20% have been resettled.

President Barack Obama, holidaying on Martha's Vineyard off the East Coast, may also have to face "EVACUATION" depending on the storm's path.

As if Gush Katif was not enough.... they, the nations, have Yehudah v'Shomron and Yerushalayim in their sights.

This is not speculation but HaShem's will as spoken of by His Holy Neviim in the Tanach.

10,000 settlers paid a heavy price in the Gush in 2005 and in another twist there was also a heavy hurricane that smashed into America in August 2008 named "Gustav"
Gustav is a Scandinavian name that means "Royal Staff."
Tav in Hebrew means "sign" and "final."
Putting all this together, we get "The Royal Staff is the sign of the Gush." And is the world going to find out.

For all the readers out there, I am not Jewish and therefore cannot be accused of bias.The reality of truth is staring us in the face. We all must make our choice.
Yirat Shamayim is the order of the day.

HaShem WILL vindicate the kedusha of His Name.Not speculation but enumerated in many prophetic utterances in the Tanach.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Last time there was a hurricane 'Irene' was in 2005 - it preceded Katrina. This year Irene is followed by 'Katia' - a form of Katrina. Between Irene and Katya this year will be Hurricane Jose... Spanish for 'Joseph', which means "Yehovah will Increase". No little meaning behind that! I should also probably add that 'Jose' came between Irene and Katya in 2005, too.

Also, I remembered reading something about numbers and Katrina, so I looked it up to find out, and whaddya know, it had to do with Jews being expelled. This year's Katya might well end up at the same time as the EU ruling on Palestine... which means we might be proportionately judged by what happens. What happened last time:

Moshe said...

G-d is sending us messages to repent. We have to go according the Bible, the laws that He gave us. Many immoral things are going on in this world. It is like Sdom and Amorah when G-d burned those cities. Why? Because of the similar acts of those low level who makes parades... recently in New York city.
If we want to live we have to stop those not to dominate. Don't close your eyes for those terrorists because many of them. The Truth will end at the end, and we know that this is the end.

Leah said...

Yes, while there is to be no specualtion, Rebbetzen Esther Jungreis says that one would have to be deaf dumb and blind not to see Hashem's hand in everything now especially when we look at what is going on. She says I can understand dumb and blind, yet why deaf? We have all of the MP3's and IPod's plugged in and are not listening to the real messages of what is going on around us.

Devorah said...

Leah: People are too busy listening to loshon hora, that's why.

If they only realized it, in these final "days" before Geula, they'd be better off not going out, not speaking on the phone, and generally just minding their own business.

If everyone did that..... well, I dare say things would be a lot different.

Someone once said to me that when we die and we stand before the Heavenly Court, we are ALONE. We can't blame anyone else, it's just ourselves and our lives laid bare, we will have to account for every word, every deed, everything we ever did. And by then it's too late to have regrets.