Tuesday, September 27, 2011


After obtaining some third-party rabbinical advice, I was advised to remove that last post.


Dovid Hendrie said...

I just read the post by Rabbi Dovid Morris wrote and thought the article was quite well written and accurately quoted the Torah sources.

I went to show it to my wife and saw that it was removed.

To be more fair and open, it would have been balanced to present the third-party rabbinical advice as an attached comment and let the readers see both sides at once.

There are many rabbis and many viewpoints.

If someone slanders a person or group of people in public, then he should be held accountable in public.

Please restore the Rabbi Dovid Morris post and add the third-party rabbinical advice if you think it has merit.

You have ruled in favor of the third-party rabbis without a hearing.

This is like when facebook or other websites remove our torah based perspectives based on complaints from the muslims (l'havdil)

My wife has been following you for a while and I just started and this is not encouraging.

Dovid Hendrie

Devorah said...

The article was removed because of the loshon hora contained in it.
Rabbi Morris did not want his article edited in anyway, otherwise I would have removed the offending lines and left the remainder.
If Rabbi Morris agrees to censoring his own article, I will republish it, but that is up to him.