Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rav Calls For Tefilos for Critical Situation

Hagaon HaRav Shteinman Calls For Tefilos In Light Of Critical Situation

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011
HaGaon HaRav Aaron Leib Shteinman Shlita is calling upon Am Yisrael to daven, for residents of Eretz Yisrael to increase tefilos in light of the perilous threats facing Eretz Yisrael on many fronts.
The Gadol HaDor’s statement comes in response to a question from HaGaon Rabbi Meir Kessler Shlita, Rav of Modi’in Illit, who called upon Rav Shteinman to ask what we should be doing at present due to the situation.
Rav Shteinman said that each and every person in Eretz HaKodesh should take upon himself to increase tefilos, and Tehillim, especially Chapters 93, 130, 142, and the Mizmor, Ki Yaancha Hashem Beyom Tzora.
[YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem]


Anonymous said...

it wouldn't hurt to increase our 'bein adam l'chaveiro' actions as well. Shabbat Shalom.

shimsar said...

I think that the most important thing we Jews must do immediately is to LOVE one another.
As long as we are experiencing strife between the different streams of Judaism us we have no hope of seeing any improvement in our situation.
The Kamtza-Bar-Kemtza situation where one group refuses to tolerate other Jews in schools, marriages, Kashrut, etc. is our undoing.

Anonymous said...

Where is this information taken from? I looked on YWN and could not find it. Thank you.

Devorah said...

It came to me via a Chicago-based forum. I think it's Yeshiva news on Israel National News..... not sure.