Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mr. Netanyahu, Here's the Truth

Netanyahu meets the Rebbe...... many years ago
R' Mayer Schmukler of TruePeace.org tells Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the true opinion of the Rebbe about Mideast "Peace."

26th of Elul, 5771

Mr. Benyamin Netanyahu,

I write this letter with the hope that you will read it with an open heart and mind. Please do.

We are standing now a short time before the world will get together to try and decide the fate of certain parts of the Land of Israel. This is an open attack on the Jewish homeland and in turn, an attack on the Jewish people.

In your speech at the United Nations, you eloquently explained how all previous "peace deals" brought about only terror and bloodshed. You pointed out how the PA is not a partner for peace. Then, you went on to proclaim that you're ready to speak peace with the above partner, if they are only willing. In addition, you even announced the results of those negotiations: the ceding of parts of the Land of Israel. Those same lands which you had just shown in your speech - by giving them away - would endanger the lives of the citizens of Israel.

If it is anything that the government in Israel should have learned over the years, it is that concessions and offers of concessions - lead to pressure and more concessions, then more pressure and more concessions.

In no way is this a way of gaining respect in the world. Not only does this approach not forestall pressure, but it only increases it tenfold.

Imagine this: A burglar attempts to strike at the homeowner of the house he is burglarizing; the victim defends himself, ejects the burglar from his home, and leaves him whimpering on his front lawn; the victim then taps his assailant on the shoulder and asks if he would like his weapon back on condition that he promise not to use it again; the former burglar yells back in no uncertain terms that he will never agree to cease using his weapon; the former victim begs the man to agree; showing his willingness to return the burglar’s weapon – he invites him into his house and gives a kitchen knife saying "see! I don’t mind your having a weapon; all I want is for you to say these 5 words: "I will be your friend!""

Now, besides for the suicidal behavior of the victim, he will also turn everyone against him; the average person watching this scene will surely come to the logical conclusion that there is something more behind the seemingly simple good/bad guy scene. This conclusion, or assumption (that the good guy might really be the bad guy), would in effect be totally confirmed when the bad guy actually says and claims just that.

Make no mistake about it; we are on a direct path to a situation when Israel will be forced to stand up to the world. These are not my words (to be sure, nor is this whole letter), but rather the words of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Moshe of our generation (said in 1978). And unfortunately, as you know all too well, this is already the situation. We must wake up before we find ourselves forced to defend our very right to exist in the Land of Israel (if that is not already happening).

The key to the situation is in your hands – a key being a tool which opens doors standing in ones way while at the same time locks doors against undesirable elements:

You must stand unshakable and uncompromising – firm in our right to the entire Land of Israel given to us by the God of Israel. It is time to stand up to the world, not only in rhetoric and with hypocritical policies; you must be clear in speech and most importantly in action; no part of the Land of Israel is up for negotiation!

This approach will bring security to our land by making it clear to terrorists etc. that we are here to stay and that we are ready to protect ourselves to the fullest. And it will likewise forestall pressure when the the world realizes the futility of such pressure in having any effect.

Now the arguments of "It's too late," "what will the world say," "its not realistic," etc. are simply ludicrous when someone thinks objectively. No one is saying that the above mentioned approach is perfect, it is far from perfect, precisely because of the criminal neglect of it for so long. There are only two choices: give in until there is nothing left to give or hold on strong to the Land and fight our enemies.

As mentioned, we must wake up to a hard reality. We must finally heed the warnings of the Rebbe. Time and time again he warned that negotiations would lead to terrorism and pressure and eventually to a Palestinian (terror) state. Even though he has unfortunately been proven right, again and again – it is as if we are blind and deaf, as we continue down the path of self-destruction. One has only to look in the Tanach for such precedents, as the prophet of the generation begged, pleaded, and warned the Jewish people, only for his words to fall on deaf ears. In the words of Yishaya Hanavi (50:2.): "Why have I come, yet there is no man? I have called, but there is no answer?"

In conclusion, it must be emphasized, that in addition to there being only one logical solution in any case, we are given chances from above every now and then to make it all the easier to do the right thing. Now is such an opportunity. As the Arabs declare statehood at the UN, the government of Israel now has the political right to cancel all previous agreements and can more easily say to the world: "We have now learned our lesson, we will now focus solely on the security of our citizens and we will never give up our God given homeland."

This takes strength, but you already have it, as you have been blessed by the Rebbe, in particular, a few days before Shavuos in 1991. Mr. Morad Zamir then requested a blessing for you. The Rebbe responded: "Tell him that certainly he'll continue to hold on to the hard line as before and (if) there be occasion to add strength, he certainly will find strength in himself to continue for the time being and after that."

It is also important to note that if you do follow the right path, you are guaranteed by the Rebbe that it won't be long before much of the world, as God fearing people, will begin to respect us and our right to the Land of Israel. We must do our part in first respecting ourselves – the opposite of which it states in the Torah (Bamidbar 13:31-33) concerning the spies sent by Moshe into the land of Israel who said (while giving a bad report on the Land that God had promised them): "we were like grasshoppers in our eyes, and [therefore] so we were in their eyes!"

Let us speedily merit the fulfillment of the Pasuk (Bechukotai 26, 6.): "And I will grant peace in the Land, and you will lie down with no one to frighten [you]; I will remove wild beasts from the Land, and no army will pass through your land" Amen.

With blessings for the new year - K'tiva Vachatima Tova L'shana Tova Umetukah,
Mayer Schmukler


Anonymous said...

The Rebbe had an incredible foresight on this entire matter. The Rebbe's been proven right on this, time and time again (see "peace" with Egypt -- after relinquishing everything...).

If only his advice would be heeded today. It is not too late to go on the right path.

Anonymous said...

if a jewish prime minister would just say our history is pogrom after pogrom blood libel after blood libel we returned this is our this is the land god bequethed to abraham ...... period thats all he has to say....hed get all the respect in the world ....if he didnt the very fact he followed the rebbe the moshe of the generation im sure god would fight for him .... not against him.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

I wish that Netanyahu had a Rav today. Yes, he received advice and counsel from the Lubavitcher Rebbe and Rav Mordechai Eliyahu when they were in the land of the living, but I do not know from whom or if he seeks advice today. And boy does he keep messing up today because he is a brilliant mind without a compass or an oar, and the ship is adrift. He is definitely better than the secular alternatives here, but without a Rav he cannot take on the entire world. So when the US State Dept. sends their pit bull, Ehud Barak, to destroy Jewish homes in Migron, Netanyahu meekly jumps out of the way. I have news for you Bibi, the meek will not inherit the Earth. The humble will, but the meek do not have a chance.