Thursday, September 22, 2011

Obama's UN Speech [video]

Sept. 22 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama’s speech to the United Nations was elegantly written and eloquently delivered. But it missed an opportunity to promote a strong U.S. role in the world and voice his opposition to this week’s paramount issue: Palestinian plans to seek UN recognition as a nation.

Yet we were struck by the force of Obama’s description of the U.S.’s “unshakable” commitment to Israel. Rarely has a speaker at the UN rostrum spoken so clearly and obviously sympathetically on how Israeli and Jewish history shapes that nation’s security concerns. That point might seem self-evident, but it was a pointed and welcome rebuke to Holocaust deniers or minimizers in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Source: Business Week


Anonymous said...

its because of elections 2012. he still hopes for re election. this is the man who had his feet facing isr when he spoke to reports and had the pm of isr come thro the back door thro some renovations tunnel during their first meeting. if he has changed, which i doubt, its good, it means he has learnt not to meddle with isr. even if the isr leaders dont do anything, Hashem will.
also now abas says he may postpone. i expectd that all along. its the same old arafat trick, to keep pressing for concessions by making world noticing statements and than backing off.

Devorah said...

I agree 10rainbow, this guy's the master of the game of deception. He didn't change his spots overnight.

Anonymous said...

He couldn't even smile whilst wishing Shana tovah if you remember, he just wants votes kate b