Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Korea and Rabbi Nahmani's prophecy

As the world is put on Nuclear alert as Little Kim to rule North Korea ......

North Korea last night dramatically marked the sudden death of its despot leader Kim Jong-il by firing a short range missile, putting nervous world leaders on nuclear alert.

......10Rainbow reminded me of this scary prophecy about Korea from Rabbi Levi Saadia Nahmani zt"l [check out the date on the video..... exactly 17 years ago]


  1. wow.

    emes emes emes. every single holy word.

    g e v a l d!!! was anyone listening????????

  2. There's just one problem with linking this prophesy to our current situation: Rabbi Nahmani a"h talks about Seoul (South Korea) being the troublemaker -- not Pyongyang (North Korea)...

  3. "to the degree that a person, when practicing Torah, strengthens and focuses on the innermost aspects of Torah and its secrets, he or she gives strength in this measure to the innermost aspect of the world, which is Israel.


    Therefore we can see that the redemption of Israel and all the worth of Israel is dependent on the learning of the Zohar and the innermost aspect of the Torah. The opposite is true also. All the afflictions and degradations that have come upon the Children of Israel are on account of their neglecting the most intimate part of Torah, and not having valued it but having related to it as something superfluous, G-d forbid."

    [from "In the Shadow of the Ladder", Introduction to the Zohar, paragraphs 65-69, by Mark and Yedidah Cohen]

  4. A "Greater Korean Republic" becoming a world power as 'predicted' last year as here http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=MQeQWWKKvq4 is not implausible.

    A unified Korea would be the 'Amolekites' of the Far East, potentially more powerful than even China and Japan. As Rabbi Avigdor Miller said 30 years ago: "The Soviets, even though atheists, have one zechus that merits them being a world power: that they outlaw homosexuality!"

  5. Anonymous: we have yet to see what will happen. I thought he just said Sheoul = Seoul [and if North Korea nukes South Korea, that's exactly what it will be, chas v'shalom]

  6. Devora, do you not see the irony?

    You post a poll debating whether or not to post predictions of destruction of Jews in chul (chas veashalom) and then you post the most terrible prediction of the destruction of Israel (chas veashalm). The only difference is that Jews in Israel are not freaking out about it, telling you you to take it down.

  7. It's ironic, yes, but for a different reason. This is a video of a tzaddik, who passed away a month after recording it. The other predictions of doom for the world are not coming from known tzadikim, they are coming from self-proclaimed internet visionaries. Is there any gadol hador who has come out publicly to announce that all Jews should immediately make aliyah? That's a genuine question I'm asking, I'm not trying to be clever here, I would really like to know.

  8. Dear Devorah,
    The late Rabbi indeed said Seoul = Sheol, but before that (at the 0:40 mark) he said, "Seoul will arrive here; not Syria, Persia, etc."

  9. As I read this, I see in my heart a wish that all Jews and I do mean all Jews, would do Teshuvah, then run to Mikvah, and start a new. If only a great Rabbi would back this wish up with a public push,along with donning Tefillian for all men of course. I mean just close your eye's and imagine how awesome this would be. Even Jew's who are frum and doing the best they can getting their friends, family to join a huge effort to run and do Teshuvah. With the Shama on their lips running to the nearest mikvah donning tefillian. WOW!

  10. You're right, he did, but I took that to mean that "hell" would arrive in Israel. I guess it's open to interpretation.

    The news here is that Australia is worried because Korea's weapons can reach here.

  11. A different perush:

    Seoul is the capital of South Korea, and as we know 50 million South Koreans have a copy of the Talmud at home, they're crazy about it and it's given to all Korean children. (Admittedly it is an abridged version suitable for children with a focus on good behaviour.)

    Derech eretz kadma leTorah.
    Truth from the mouths of babes. Love of Torah.

    So the perush is that all these Korean children learning Talmud will arrive in Israel, with their perfect middot, speaking the truth of the Talmud and spreading the love of Torah.

    And that will herald the Messianic era. B"D.

  12. its good advice that the jews dont trust anyone. they are a light to all nations, but only in Hashem they trust. we just dont know how this will turn out. whether the army would like the new head, or there will be turmoil within the army. power tussle. as some say is happening in turkey. may all these turbulence be the signs that we have been praying for and jews have been waiting for generations, the birth pangs of the arrival of the long awaited MBY and MBD.