Monday, February 27, 2012

Gog u'Magog: Purim Rumor

That rumor from last week, about Gog and Magog beginning on Purim has apparently been clarified by Rav Fish, but as I have not personally seen it, I can only blog this as a rumor. Hopefully someone will be able to confirm whether or not Rav Fish did send this out [please leave a comment if you know]

''And I also heard from Rav Tidhar Eilon Azulai Shlit"a that already in the upcoming month of Nissan, the great revolutions of the Redemption will commence.''

HaRav HaMekubal Tidhar Elyon Azulai Shlita from the Yeshiva Shemen Sasson, allegedly said to two people who came to him for advice, that it will be the last time they would be able to do a certain kind of teshuva, and that the Gog and Magog war will begin Purim 5772, and continue for two weeks leading up to Rosh Chodesh Nissan 5772......

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  1. LIke with Purim, we again need prayer and unity to help us and we'll make it with G-d's help

  2. Blogger Devorah said...

    I don't know.

    Wow !!
    What an answer !!

    So pure, full of wisdom, and so honest !!

  3. I do not want to be skeptical but I am. Halvai its true. I have found the classic statement of "THOSE WHO KNOW DONT SAY AND THOSE WHO DO NOT KNOW SAY"
    I often find people misinterpret words Gedolim say. Not purposely but it does happen. I fear nothing will happen and we will feel sad. We do not know! Only Hashem Knows!
    Please do not get your hopes up my fellow Yiddin!

    My 10 cents

  4. b"sd
    I think it means teshuva from love of HaShem rather than through fear. I read that on a blog somewhere a few weeks ago. NOW we have the opportunity to do sacks and ashes, begging Hashem with love in our heart for protection. rather than calling out with fear like klal yisrael at the time of the yam suf. perhaps if we are so urgent NOW, we may not be put in a fearful situation. which makes sense if indeed gog umagog is about to begin. (i can personally say i have seen this my life, in small ways - when i am blessed with the merit of meditating to Hashem at least 1 hour a day, my day goes smoother. kind of like, tears have to be shed! will i come do it on my own accord or will i be coerced in situations that will make them fall.)

  5. Wait... because two weeks ago, there were Jewish ladies who said Gog/Magog wasn't to be until the fall feast period. And wasn't there an article about how Iran can destroy Israel in 9 hours... why the two weeks, then?

    I have to go with the ladies.

    By the way, did you know George Ure cited your blog a few days ago, about the Purim war predictions? His site is called Urban Survival, in case you were interested. I found it both surprising and interesting that he'd put up a link to you. He's also predicting something will happen between March 2-8, but he bases his futures on data linguistics (he's rather vehemently against the spiritual). First he said it was going to be an internet blackout, but now he's thinking the war predictions could fit, too.

    For the record, since they updated their servers a year or so ago, he hasn't gotten one of his data-based linguistic predictions right... so yeah. I'll still stick with the ladies.

  6. My own private mekubal [joking] tells me something big is coming on Pesach, not Purim.
    Let's see.

    George Ure does well to read this blog :)

  7. Either way, one must daven- and daven together as a klal. Hashem is for sure bringing us clser every day. One only has to look at the M.E. reports to see this. Achmindropdead is threatening every day.

  8. I checked with Rav Fish. Here is what he said: He talked with some yeshiva guys who did some rolling in snow (a type of sigufim done for tshuva) and Rav Tidhar told them that they should hurry up because the world is going to "turn over" after Purim and then they won't be able to do such tikunim anymore.

    אני שמעתי מאברכים שעשו גלגולי שלג אצל הרב תדהר
    [הם מביאים שלג מהחרמון במשאיות ואנשים מתגלגלים עם כוונות לכפרה]
    ושם הרב אמר לאברכים להזדרז בתיקון כי אחרי פורים העולם הולך להתהפך ולא יוכלו יותר לעשות תיקונים כאלו


  9. Now it's making sense, thanks Yosef.

  10. Yea so do you all remember that Solar eclipse erev pessach a few years ago? and some admor or rabbi was quoted saying this is like the year of yetziass mitzrayim and the year of nes purim and so therefore it's the year of the geula? And that, that pessach big things will begin? we are...2012...and nothing..nada. Take ALL these "propecies" with grain of salt

  11. I will speak to Rav Tidhar, G-d willing and bli neder, tomorrow morning. I have an appt. to see him unless something else comes up. He is a busy man, and unexpected things often come up. When I brought the matter up with some of his students at his "yeshivisch minyan" at his home earlier this evening, they started joking with me. Best to hear it from the tzaddik's own mouth.

  12. "the world is going to turn over AFTER PURIM..."

    Care to narrow that down a bit? I can also tell you with my ruach hakpdesh that Mashiach is coming after today's shkiah.

    Please contact me for information as to where and how you can send me your pidyonim!!!

  13. Anonymous: my theory is that between now and the end of 2012, we will see amazing things. The Mayan calendar date of Dec 21 is very relevant, also the Jewish calendar date of 10 Teves 5773 - which falls on Dec 23 this year - is very relevant.
    [According to me, but I'm just a blogger, not a mekubal...]

  14. Reb Dov,

    Waiting to hear the outcome of your meeting.


  15. Well well, I just spoke with Rav Tidhar on the telephone. Our original meeting had to be delayed until Wednesday morning because of unexpected extenuating circumstances. He did say that he understands what I wanted to talk about and that the subject could not even be brought up on the telephone. So, this will be interesting to say the least. Bli neder I will see him tomorrow morning. Based on that simple response, I must say that I have never been more interested in an upcoming meeting in my life. Sorry about the slight delay.

  16. Well, I had the half hour frank discussion with Rav Tidhar. Getting to the point, the only thing that he definitively said is that this is a very likely year that the war between Paras and Rome will commence simply because of what is already being reported in the news. He did say that the Geulah will come with Rachamim for the Jews in Eretz HaKodesh and that all the suffering for Jews here in EY, specifically in terms of the suffering of Gog and Magog, has already occurred to us in previous gilgulim specifically at the time of the Shoah. He did not speak about the Jews in Chutz LaAretz at all except to say that he hopes that they make Aliyah as soon as possible.

    He did speak about the "Siguf", (self-infliction of discomfort) of rolling around in the snow that he and his Chassidim have been doing for the last 32 years, and that he will be doing it with his Chassidim again this year too. (By the way, he may not have to go to Mt. Hermon to do it this year because we are expecting snow in the Kochav Yakov/ Psagot/ Geva Binyamin area on Friday morning, March 2nd.) This is a kabbalistic form of doing teshuvah for those who are at a more refined spiritual level. He did not indicate to me at least that he thinks that this will be the last time that he will be doing this siguf.

    I am sorry if this disappoints many who were expecting a definite statement that this is the definite beginning of the Final Redpemtion between Purim and Pesach. Rav Tidhar usually refrains from giving exact dates. He does anticipate the Geulah with fervor though. Every Pesach when Chabad in Kochav Yakov hosts Seudat HaMashiach on the 7th day of Pesach (which is the last day of Pesach in EY), Rav Tidhar shows up with all of his Chassidim. I too was hoping for something more definitive, but as usual we will have to wait and see what G-d has in store.

  17. Thanks Dov, for finding out the facts.

  18. The same answer , may yes , may not, we heard this for the last 2000 years. Thank you anyway

  19. Aninymous, yes I am waiting, too. Trying to be patient. hang in there.

  20. Are you sure this is wise to publish all these predictions. What will happen if nothing happens? Will our emunah be shaken?
    And why quote George Ure of Urban Survival. The man is a rabid anti-semite. He believes that the entire upheaval in the Euro zone is inspired by the "Jewish Zionist conspiracy" to take over the world.

    Also with all respect to Rav Tidhar, this year the last day of Pessach in EY is Friday and so what happens to Chabad's seudat maschiach.

    I too fervently hope for Mashiach but did it occur to anyone that rather than salvation by one person, we may be talking about an era in which case everything about the establishment of EY and its ongoing success may be geulah in itself.

    Last how can anyone say the time for Teshuva is limited. Chazal tell us otherwise and as we know from the Torah itself, teshuva was around before creation so why should it cease now?

  21. Just let me set you straight on one thing: I did not quote George Ure, he quoted me.

  22. For all of those mentioning George Ure and his blog Urban Survival, I suggest you understand that the blog is rabidly anti-semitic. He frequently talks about the Jews being responsible for the financial crisis and that even 9/11 was engineered by the Israelis. I hardly think that this is a mekor that you should be relying on.

    I crave for Mashiach as many of you do however the frantic posts every few months simply devalue the idea. Now that coalition negotiations are going on in Israel we see that am yisrael are even more divided. Perhaps the chareidi community have been wrong and are getting their message. Perhaps they are right and this is a nisoyon (test) of their ability to stand firm. Either way, am yisrael is divided which is a most terrible thing.

    The frantic posts as I have written are not clever. We will get to Purim and then Pessach and - nothing. "Olam Keminhago Noheg" (the world carries on as normal). Stop predicitng the future. So far your record of success is only negative. Expend all your energy on trying to bring achdut (unity) to am yisrael. Then Mashiach WILL come.

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