Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Gate of Trust - Shaar Ha'Bitachon

from Chovos Halevavos - Duties of the Heart
by Rabeinu Bahya ibn Paquda
translated by Rabbi Yosef Sebag © 2012

Level: Intermediate
permission granted to redistribute this in any format for non profit Jewish purposes

Translator's Foreword
Introduction - benefits of trust
Chapter 1 - What is trust
Chapter 2 - The criteria for trusting someone
Chapter 3 - The factors which would obligate one to trust in G-d, and the obligation to engage in a livelihood.
Chapter 4 - When trust applies and when it does not
Chapter 5 - The difference between one who trusts in G-d in earning a livelihood and one who does not.
Chapter 6 - Obligation to refute those who promote delaying the service of G-d until reaching sufficient material prosperity.
Chapter 7 - Things that damage one's trust in G-d, and a summary of the matter of trust.

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Anonymous said...

This is Anon101. Thank you for posting this site. It is large enough print that I can read it. This is what am Yisroel needs. Devorah are u okay with the extreme weather in Australia? Keep talking to Hashem about making aliyah before the next storm. We have to pay off our daughter's school loans, praying that Hashem makes it happen soon. No prayer is not answered if you do not get it, then the answer is no, the time is not right for you. May we be worthy of surviving the redemption. I have not watched a movie for 8 months.

Devorah said...

The extreme weather doesn't affect Sydney very often. Actually Australia has always had extreme weather, it is wellknown as ''A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges, Of droughts and flooding rains....''

joshua manevitz said...

שימו לב לחידוש אמיתי! מאיש יקר בשם שמעון מזוז מבאר שבע,

שחישב ומצא שסכום כל המזמורים של התיקון הכללי שהם: ט״ז- 16, ל״ב- 32, מ״א- 41, מ״ב- 42, נ״ט- 59, ע״ז- 77, צ׳- 90, ק״ה- 105, קל״ז- 137 ו- ק״נ- 150 = 749 סה״כשזה בגימטריה ״כיפת ברזל״ בדיוק!!!

תגידו תיקון הכלליתיקון כללי=כיפת ברזל, (21/11/012

Devorah said...

Received from R' Nati [Mystical Paths]
Here is something very interesting. The sum total of the numbers of chapters of Tihillim in Tikun Haklali is the word "Iron dome" in Hebrew "kipa barzel" This is inclusive repair or if you will total spiritual repair given to us by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. they are the following perakim of Tehillim, verses of Psalms 16+32+ 41+ 42+ 59+ 77+ 90+ 105+ 137+ 150=749.

Which equals 749 the sum total gematria of the words "kipa barzel" exactly! Our Iron dome is total ruchniut it totally spiritual for our weapon are not physical.
This is or protection! Please say them for Am Yisrael now!

yosef said...

that site now has a daily shaar bitachon email see http://dafyomireview.com/daily_sb.php