Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Way of Truth

Art Michoel Muchnik

''You should sanctify yourselves [by separating from idolatry] and be holy'' [Kedoshim 20:7]

To receive sustenance from the forces of holiness, it is essential for a person to strive to be in a state of submission to a Higher Authority.  Those unwilling to make this effort follow the path of idol worship, which does not require any compromise of the ego.  In this vein, the verse testifies that ''we ate in Egypt for free''. [Bamidbar 11:5]

A further reason why individuals choose to receive their sustenance by means of idol worship, is because the short-term benefits are greater.  This is because the sustenance of the forces of evil is rooted in the transcendent realm of Godliness beyond reason and logic, so energies are bestowed even without the appropriate effort.  

Nevertheless, despite a] the difficulty of obtaining sustenance from the side of holiness, and b] the reduced immediate reward, the Jewish people still opt for a life of Torah and mitzvot since it is the way of truth, and lasts forever.

Source: Biurei HaZohar, Tzemach Tzedek, Sefer HaMa'amorim 5660

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