Monday, June 27, 2016

R' Mendel Kessin - 21st Century #3, more on Trump and Obama

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Devash said...

I find Rabbi Kessin's latest shiurim to be very disturbingly detached from reality in certain areas. For example, crediting the United States with great generosity because of its foreign aid programs. You might as well say the local drug pusher is generous for handing out free samples of his drugs. The desired end result is the same. The USA, like the drug pusher, hopes that their client states will become so dependent upon them that they will turn exclusively to them for their every need and when any of these client states wants to rebel against US intervertion into their business and private affairs, the threat of losing said aid is used to keep them in line.

How can anyone say that the US saved Jews during WW2, when the US State Dept refused even to fill the existing immigrant quotas during the worst of it - while Jews were desperate to escape and nobody would let them in? All of the Jews who perished in Europe could have fit into one large city in the US! And don't forget the St Louis!!

There isn't room here to list all the treachery committed against Israel by the US government.

And to commend the US for its generous welfare system that allows Jews to live off the public dole while learning Torah!?? And say that this Tporah benefits America!??

If the American public ever comes to understand what is happening, you will see a giant explosion in antisemitism as a result! It's appalling.

I finally had to quit when he began to speak about how if God wants to elevate the United States...Trump will become president.

We WANT the US to fall!! Eisav MUST go down before Israel (under Mashiach) can rise. And the world can't wait for American Jews to get their act together and come home before that happens.

The world is desperate for Eisav to fall! God forbid that his rule will be extended via fascists like Donald Trump, Angela Merkel, etc...!

Sorry, I stopped listening - too upsetting.