Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Test of the Jews at the End of Time

The title of this blog post is a quote from the shiur below, by Rabbi Mendel Kessin, which was given in New Jersey December 2015.

The real title of the shiur is ''Greatness of this Generation''.

If you have ever felt insignificant or lacking in greatness, listen to this shiur and have your perception changed.  This is another highly recommended shiur from the amazing Rabbi Mendel Kessin.

Also see: The Highest Souls


AmericanKnitter said...

Oh my goodness. When I started listening to this I thought... I recognize this man's voice. Then I ran to a drawer in my cupboard where I have some old cassette tapes from 1994 or so... and sure enough, R. Mendle ! I am so happy to finally get to hear him again! Thank you for posting this. :-)

Devorah said...

Old cassette tapes..... sounds like my father, he has the tapes but nothing to play them on. :) There are more Rabbi Kessin shiurim here, click on the KESSIN label below.

AmericanKnitter said...

I still DO have a player. :-) I'll check out his other lessons. He's an amazing teacher and we are blessed to be able to learn from him.

Anonymous said...

Devorah, I think your father can have them transferred to an iPod or similar listening device. My husband has vintage tapes from Rabbi Miller zt"l and someone in our shul will transfer it for him. So you could make your father very happy
. Neshama

Anonymous said...

Neshama, I have done it. It's called conversion of tapes :)