Sunday, August 7, 2016

Gathering What Remains

by Rabbi David Pinto Shlita

One day, a defiant man tried to provoke Rabbi Yosef Dov of Brisk with a question:

“Why do Jews mourn between Tammuz 17 and Av 9, and also on Av 9 itself? Nothing can change their situation!”

The Rav replied, “I shall answer you with a parable: Imagine that a fire has broken out in a city and destroyed numerous homes. If one resident leaves the remains of his burnt-out home and no longer concerns himself with it – to the point that he even abandons objects that were spared by the fire – we would think that he has no intention of returning to rebuild it. On the other hand, a person who puts in a great deal of effort into looking for objects amid the heap of ashes, meticulously sifting through each undamaged brick and gathering what remains, such a person certainly has the intention of rebuilding his home soon.”

The Rav concluded, “The same applies to us. As long as we mourn the destruction of Jerusalem and the fire that burned our holy and glorious House, we may rest assured of its rebuilding, speedily and in our days.”


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As the famous story is told of the French leader Napoleon Bonaparte who was once passing a synagogue on Tisha b'Av and saw a group of Jews sitting on the ground weeping and mourning.
He approached them and asked, "What are you crying about?"
"Today is Tisha B'Av," they answered, "and we are mourning the loss of our Temple."
Upon hearing this he said, "If the Jews are still crying and fasting for 2,000 years for their Temple, I am certain the Temple will one day be rebuilt!"


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Devorah and all of your redears, do you know that R' Mendel Kessin moved to Israel!He just came here to visit and give some lectures! Amazing! Leah

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go to comment section for his last video

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Rabbi David Ashear:
“There are many people who have reason to complain, but they walk around with a smile, happy and content, and in doing so, they create a Kiddush HaShem.”

Living Emunah (chapter 4, page 32) by Rabbi David Ashear, year 2014, published by ArtScroll, ISBN-10: 142261512X ISBN# 9781422615126

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