Thursday, August 18, 2016

Making Room for God

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''You shall love Hashem,  your God'' [Va'etchanan 6:5]

Every individual, remarked the Dubno Maggid, is required to love Hashem with all his heart.  In order to do this, he must remove all negative and sinful thoughts from his heart.

To what can this be compared?  - to a farmer who arrived in a city on the market day and quickly sold all of his merchandise.

Now that he had a large sum of money in his possession, he decided to buy himself an elegant outfit, the type customarily worn by the city dwellers.  He entered a store that sold expensive silk garments and was given one to try on. The garment seemed too small, however, as the farmer was unable to get his arm into the sleeve.

''The garment that you have given me is too small'', said the farmer to the storeowner.

''The garment is exactly your size,'' laughed the storeowner, ''but before you try it on, you must first remove  your heavy farmer's coat.''

Only after a man removes all the wicked thoughts from his heart, explained the maggid, can there be room in his heart to love Hashem properly.

Source: Rabbi Yisroel Bronstein

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! Baruch Hashem!!

Thank you Dear Devorah, you know not how much this blog means to me and I know to many. You take time to do this, and i, and I am sure a lot of those who come to your blog feel the same.
This newest blog.. yes.. with Hashem's help, i will try and do as it says, Amen.

I thank Hashem for your blog and for many others who are doing so much to help so many of us.

Hashem bless you and yours, and all who come to your blog..
Amen and Amen.