Monday, April 16, 2018

The Power Behind The Redemption

New shiur from Rabbi Mendel Kessin


Anonymous said...
תשעח רבי שמעון בעדנ תשע"י גאולה
HaGon Rabbi Shimon Baadani Moshiach Appear befroe End 5778

חבר מועצת חכמי התורה הגאון רבי שמעון בעדני נפגש עם המקובל הרב דב קוק, ושוחח עמו בענייני השעה, וגם על הגאולה. "המשיח חייב להגיע" נאמר בשיחה. צפו בווידאו (חרדים)
ישראל כהן|ל' בניסן תשעח 19:21 15.04.

HaGon Rabbi Shimon Baadani Moshiach Appear befroe End 5778

Anonymous said...

What did Rav Kanievsky say about this?

Anonymous said...

I repeat where did HaGon Rabbi Shimon Baadani say in the video "Moshiach to Appear before the End of 5778". Please tell the duration of the video in which he said this statement or the exact Hebrew words that he used.

Anonymous said...

הרב בעדני: הרמב"ם כותב - אין ישראל נגאלים אלא בתשובה. כמה זמן צריך שיקח? כל עם ישראל צריך לחזור בתשובה? אומר הרמב"ם - מה הסימנים של המשיח - אחד הדברים שיעשה שכל עם ישראל ילכו בדרך התורה".

הרב קוק: כולם צריכים לחזור בתשובה.

הרב בעדני: מה הספר המשמעותי שצריך שיחזרו בתשובה? אין בית בישראל שאין בו מת - זה סימן של מכה קשה - זה לא הזמן שהמשיח יבוא?

הרב קוק: זה הזמן - רק שלא יהיו מחלוקות ביננו. הרמב"ם אומר שכל עם ישראל צריכים לעשות תשובה. בא המשיח וכופה עליהם הר כגיגית. כל עם ישראל יעשו תשובה ויגידו - נעשה ונשמע.

הרב בעדני: בכל בית יש חוזר בתשובה.

הרב קוק: המשיח יכפה את האהבה אל השם הר כגיגית. המשיח יוכיח את כולם. אתה חושב שאתה צדיק וחוזר בתשובה - המשיח יוכיח אותך.
עד כאן.
לידיעה הרב קוק בצום עד חג שבועות כדי לבטל את הגזרות הקשות שיש עם עם ישראל. שהשם יעזור לו.

Devorah said...

Google translation:

Rabbi Baadani: Maimonides writes - Israel redeemed but no reply. How long should take? All the people of Israel to repent? Maimonides - What signs of the messiah - one of the things that make all the people of Israel will go the way of the Torah. "

Kook: Everyone should repent.

Rabbi Baadani: What book should repent significant? There is no home in Israel without dead - a sign of a serious blow - this time not the Messiah comes?

Kook: this time - only that there will be disagreements between us. Maimonides says that all the people of Israel to repent. Was the messiah and forcing them to Mount tub. All the people of Israel will answer and say - we will do and hear.

Rabbi Baadani: Every home has penitent.

Kook: the messiah impose love to name Mount tub. The messiah will prove everyone. You think you are righteous and penitent - the messiah will prove to you.
So far.
Article Kook fasting until Pentecost to cancel the harsh decrees that the people of Israel. This will help him.

Anonymous said...

He said by שבועות 5778 Shavuot Geula Moshiach will be here to Rabbi Kook

Rav Berland said same thing

Anonymous said...

First of all, no one knows what day, date and time that Moshiach will reveal himself. Secondly, please quote to me the exact words in Hebrew where Rav Kook, Rav Baadani and Rav Berland said that by Shevuot 5778 Moshiach will be here - with a link attached.

I repeat for the second time, what did Rav Chaim Kanievsky say about this?

Anonymous said...
Moshiach 5778

george said...

The Zohar speaks of two Kings falling in the year 73. Could be speaking about North Korea and Iran.

Anonymous said...

Please quote to me the exact words regarding “Moshiach 5778”.

Anonymous said...

Kalman Wiseman April 16, 2018 at 06:56
You make a very important point, thanks for the opportunity to clarify matters. Firstly, Rav Berland has made it clear on a number of occasions that the coming of Moshiach and geula is a process, and one that will stretch until 5781. There is a difference between Moshiach ‘coming’ and Moshiach actually being openly revealed to the world so that each and every person knows who he is.
This process of revealing Moshiach is also a gradual affair, with more and more people slowly coming to realize who he is, before that’s openly revealed to the whole world. So, he may well have come on Seder night 5778, just that hasn’t been openly revealed to everyone yet.
Secondly, in additional comments the Rav met while with Rav Dov Kook on Rosh Chodesh Nissan 5778, he said:
“Now is the moment of the geula, today we are really in the moment of the redemption, for on this this Seder night Moshiach is surely coming. One Moshiach is already here, Moshiach ben Yosef, and now Moshiach ben David is also being revealed.”
There are two Moshiachs, as we know, and from the Rav’s words Moshiach ben Yosef is already here.
Rav Berland often speaks at such a high level that it’s very difficult for us to understand and comprehend exactly what he’s saying. That’s why Rav Kook, after this shiur in Holon, said the following:
“I merited to understand a little bit of what he said, it’s the deepest of the deep. I’m amazed how the people who follow him and listen to him, how they understand what he’s saying. I understood only a little bit. He’s a genius, he’s a gaon, he’s a computer [of Torah] he’s an angel.”
If these are the words of a gaon and Tzaddik like Rav Dov Kook, how much more so do we struggle to understand the true import of the Rav’s words.