Thursday, April 26, 2018

Facilitated Communication Exposed

This is a must read:  Facilitated Communication: Who Is Really Doing The Talking 

For everyone who has been sucked in to the FC whirlpool, and believes the nonsense that is brought down.   A huge thank you to Rivka for once again giving us truth and reality on the internet.


LondonMale said...

I read a couple of these Autistic "rants" a few years back, then stopped.
My thought was, "Who is this kid that he or she is such a chacham!?"
My faith is in Hashem.
Not in the "poison chain letter" type superstitions of Facilitated Communication.

Devorah said...

I'm not sure that we should blame the child [or the adult they have become], their minds have been brainwashed by the facilitator. it should probably be called Facilitated Exploitation.

Anonymous said...

Now let me explain the situation a little clearer...
Yes there are autists who have this gift and there are autists who do not and are being used by adults to benefit their gain,.
When the autists started talking about world events and the redemption, they did not talk like it was the end end! They were talking about what was to come very soon in the early years and at first nobody would believe because the world was not as crazy as the details they were giving;
But as the years passed from the 90s to the fall of the twin towers, the world started to change from what it was and the evil was slowly rising but it was dwarf throughout those years and when Obamba became president of the united states, all of the reshaim evil people in the world started to pick their heads and pervert the earth with their evil and it started to rise all over from there and now we have such crazy world that it is hard to believe that it even exists and how we got to this insane point but what is happening right now is based on what is written in the prophecies...
Instead of just listening to their messages, go read what is written and you will all see for yourselves that our world today fits this evil picture and now we are coming into the complete redemption but it is process and it is certainly speeding up...
Our job as real jews and all of the good nations (goyim) now is to repent, to do teshuva and cleanse ourselves from as much evil as we can and prepare ourselves for the new world with no evil and lies and it is already coming and there are already those who know and feel this.,
Compare the world how it was not long ago and how it is today and you will see for yourself that the main ones were very accurate, ;
And another thing, we had hailstorm amd lightening in israel and me lives in tel aviv and after the storm, the air felt different like the spiritual filth in the air was cleansed and the evil souls that were not alive were wiped-out and it felt so calm, so clean and not because it was cold and dirt was cleansed to the ground but it felt like the air was spiritually cleansed...
It is not common to get these kinds of storms in the end of April and iyar but this is certainly 100% message from heaven of the upcoming redemption and me really felt it.
This is sign that the evils time in this world is coming to an end and we are now coming into the redemption and this is just small wonderful taste of what is to come...
Instead of judging others, go see for yourself and you will understand and this is coming from one normal person not autist and special needs fool
J m

Miriam said...

I think that was the point - some of what they say is true and makes the whole thing seem true as well until you realize they are being very doomsday and depressing. Yes, we need to do teshuva but nothing they write is happy and exciting or inspirational to do teshuva. A true tzaddik would help people look forward to moshiach and do teshuva because they are so excited and not scare them into it with all of the most scary prophesies that don't even have to come true if Hashem uses His mercy. I just don't think the scary stuff has brought anyone to real teshuva so it's kind of a sign they shouldn't be taken too seriously.

I, too, was obsessed for a while but it always had negative effects on me. I started giving them less and less thought.

Regarding prophetic dreams, we are told how to tell if the information comes from an angel or a negative spiritual force by seeing how you feel when you wake up. Are you really scared and frightened? Negative force. Are you calm and sure of the message and feel relaxed and good? From an angel and is meant as a message. I think the same holds true for any rav today. If he frightens you, dismiss him. If you makes you grow in your emunah by being excited and happy moshiach is coming, his teachings are coming from a good place. One main thing we are told about the end of days is that even some rabbis will be sheker and not to fall for it. Search for truth and pray for it and Hashem surely will help.

Anonymous said...

Well said Miriam.

JAH said...

May I then ask, what is "evil?"

june said...

I met with the autistics in January of 2001 after reading Ben Golden's book #Secret of the Souls." Ben Golden 'spoke" to me through his letter board because of his disability. His remarks were about ridding all Jewish souls of the lies of our society which were so concealed and that our own freedoms were equally affected. Just like the message by Rabbi Kook at the top of Shirat Devorah's blog: "Before the world of truth can come, the world of lies must disappear". We are in a deceptive and insidious maze brought on by power hungry, capitalistic, and immoral groups. Even President Eisenhower in his parting speech to America said that we must be warned of the Industrial-Military Complex that is influencing (negatively) our country. This message included the world players in many continents. The autistics have spoken within the background of Torah truths. I regret to hear that the miseries and pitfalls of life (accidents, poor relationships with friends, etc) have been blamed and thrown into the laps of the autistics. Our trials are always meant to be our avenue to seek Hashem even more deeply than we have in the past. Ben Golden emphasized in our meeting that Hashem has planned good and bad times for us to praise Him equally and with the understanding that the Geula is the most important time of our lives. Much time has passed since I met Ben Golden. He told me that the messages are to bring more people to Hashem and that it will take much time. Since 2001 I have witnessed the aliyah and the return to one's jewish roots in America in whole communities. This is the result of Time Well Spent and is not the conclusion that the autistics are misinforming us. Good Shabbos and Shalom,

Rivka said...

The problem was never one of speaking generally about the geula, and encouraging the Jewish people to return to God. That is clearly not 'kesimah' or divining the future. The problem is whether FC was ever permitted as a kosher way of giving over specific information about the future.

In the English haskamot for the first Dani18 book, which you can see for yourself here:

This warning is given over time and time again:

"HaRav Hagaon Rav Steinman greatly encouraged me
to publish this book which conveys these messages to the public
at large.

"However, he also asked me to caution that one may not
use these messages in order to derive practical advice or for
halachic guidance.

"He also warned not to ask the mentally
disabled questions about the future. We have merited the
revelation of this remarkable phenomenon only for the purpose
of drawing the hearts of the Jewish People closer to their Father
in Heaven."

Rav Shmuel Kamentzky's haskima reiterates the same warning:

"Therefore, it is worthwhile to print this book in English, so that people
may understand the secrets and greatness of the human being. One
must not forget the directive, "You shall be wholeheartedly faithful to
Hashem, your G-d," and not use these abilities to predict the future."

Here is how a recent message from Meir Yisroel for Shvat 5777 begins:

"Times are difficult and I see that next week will
be more of the same. There will be places in
the world where there will be huge
demonstrations and riots. When you see that,
then you will know that the great conflicts are
upon us."

This is straight up predicting the future, and is clearly transgressing the Torah prohibitions of kesimah and not being wholehearted with Hashem. The rabbis who gave their haskamot clearly warned us not to use FC communication to try to predict the future, and their warnings have been completely ignored - and have damaged the faith and lives of a great number of Am Yisrael as a result.

Devorah said...

Rabbinic Haskamot on Facilitated Communication