Friday, December 24, 2010

The Complete Guide to Problem Solving

Art:  Mike Worrall

There is no problem in the world that cannot be solved by using one of the four options below:
(1)  Fix it
Some people know they have a problem but they forget they can actually fix it. There's a story told about a man who complained that every day for lunch he had tuna sandwiches.  “If I have tuna sandwiches one more time I”m gonna kill myself!” he said.  But the next day, he again has tuna sandwiches! Someone asked him who made the sandwiches, and he replied: “I make my own sandwiches”.    This may sound like a silly story, but if you think about a situation hard enough, you may come to the conclusion that you are the one responsible for it, and you can do the changing.

(2)  Seek Advice
If you personally can’t fix the problem, talk to someone who can.  Talk to a doctor, a friend, a lawyer, an accountant.... whatever the problem is, talk to someone who you respect and has the extra knowledge with which to help you fix it.

(3) Walk Away - and don't look back
If the first two solutions are not applicable: that is, you cannot fix it, and you cannot talk to anybody who can fix it, then there’s a simple solution: Walk away from it.  Remove the problem from your life and your thoughts and forget it ever existed.

(4)  If none of the above are applicable to your situation: in other words, you cannot fix it and you cannot walk away from it..... because it could involve a child, or close friend or relative.... and you cannot change them and you cannot walk away from them....... then there is one more solution:
Accept it.
“Accept it” doesn't mean “tolerate it” - it means Accept it. This is what Hashem has given you, and there is obviously no way out. You must accept it, and by doing so your entire outlook will instantly change.


Moriah said...
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Peace, Quiet, Joy said...

What if those messengers in the guise of messengers and doctors and what have you - don't know what they're doing, making mistakes and causing injury - is that too from Hashem? How exactly are we to view the medical malpractice, mistakes made and all the other horrors that go along with the world of medicine - where things are not cured or healed but rather put under the wraps of treating symptoms?

Devorah said...

Peace Quiet Joy:

There is a saying in the Talmud: that a sick person can only be healed "by a particular drug and a particular man on a particular date" (Avodah Zarah 55a).*

You should read all the chapters of this book regarding doctors, it may shed some light on the situation for you: