Monday, December 20, 2010

Entering the Twilight Zone

A light show in the Heavens and a nuclear war on the horizon (Korea)..... we have the total lunar eclipse of the full moon on December 21 - the winter solstice - (the last time this line up occurred was during the Great Depression, and it will not occur again until December 21, 2485)  and the threat of Korea which could begin WW3 - is this the final war before Moshiach?  

An occasional contributor to this blog, Daniel S, shares his thoughts below:

"This upcoming virtually guaranteed war, (we wrote about it several months ago before any tensions) according to my near term calculations, may break out in the next few weeks and last a total of three months, as I have written, before the much broader war is over in the second month of Adar when, according to Sefer Bnei Yissaschor (Adar Ma'ammar 4), nations who behave like Amalekites (who also aid others to destroy Israel -- give Iran the technology to do so) are wiped out just as they were on Purim which took place that year in the second Adar. He also writes that in the End of Days, you will see that Amalek will be wiped out in the month of Adar (containing Purim) and more so in Adar 2 - Hashem, at times, working through the better nations to do so.

For example: the first Gulf War against the Amalekite Sadaam Hussein, ended precisely on the day of Purim (when we also read Parshas Zachor to remember and wipe out the memory of Amalek the first nation to attack us upon our exit from Egypt having just become the nation) while the second Gulf War began precisely on the day after Purim called "Shushan Purim." So anyone who thinks this is not the very end of days, is naive.

This month of Adar, the month of Purim, this year (a leap year) has a hidden second such month called Adar Bet (or Adar 2). There isn't another one like it for 3 more years.

So we are now in the middle of Tevet (coincidentally my Hebrew birthday is today hence the attachment of codes* displayed from my Bar Mitzvah Parsha, Vayechi) when historically, as the Talmud records, the world generally has tragic events that in the past have threatened Israel and the world.

Moreover, this Tuesday night is a total eclipse of the moon, potentially portending bad events in the world.

Following this month of Tevet, only leaves three months of Sh'vat, Adar, and Adar Bet for the duration of this war.

While obviously no guarantees it will be now, however, one just has to read the news to know it is inevitably close."
Also see a post from 2005:  "Years of Awe" blog: Koreas in Twilight Zone

*codes are in PDF format, Email me if you want a copy


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I'm watching now- the moon has completely covered the sun.

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"I'm watching now- the moon has completely covered the sun."

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