Monday, January 10, 2011

Sarah Palin: A Sign of Moshiach

This post is dedicated to my friend Joel Gallis a"h (Yosef ben Yaakov a"h) - whose first yarzheit is coming up on 16 Shevat.

Sarah Palin's "Crosshairs" map

In the stunned aftermath of the Tuscon massacre, Sarah Palin has found herself in the crosshairs of the ensuing political debate with opponents suggesting she may have fueled the gunman's rage...Crosshairs is a political phrase that emerged from Palin's political action committee SarahPac that targeted congressional districts for the Tea Party campaign in the last election, including the district of Rep. Gabriel Giffords.  ABC News

The connection of Sarah Palin to the coming of Moshiach -by Joel Gallis and Dr Robert Wolf
Adapted from the "Light out of Darkness" broadcasts September 2008
[You can listen to this broadcast at Redemption5768 and clicking on Download # 16 sept 15, 2008]

Not only did Hashem allow a virtual unknown Obama to take center stage at this historical time, but He also took an unknown Sarah Palin and put her in the spotlight as well. Exactly what role does Palin have? Before we inform you as to her role and why Hashem chose her, we first must bring your attention to Gemara Sanhedrin Daf 96(b) where Rav Nachman asked Rav Yitzchak:

“Have you heard when Bar Nafli will come?”

Rav Yitzchak responded: “Who is Bar Nafli?”

Rav Nachman answered: “The Mashiach.”

Rav Yitzchak then asked: “Do you call the Mashiach, Bar Nafli?”

And Rav Nachman responds: “Yes” and then explains by citing a verse from the prophet Amos that G-d will send the Mashiach to re-establish the fallen Davidic dynasty. Thus, Mashiach is called Bar Nafli which means: “Son of the fallen one.”

The gemara is thus stressing the continuity of the Davidic dynasty, for Mashiach will restore the dynasty that has fallen. In fact, the gematria of Bar Nafli בר נפלי , is the same as בן ישי - the son of Yishai who of course was King David. In addition, the atbash or reverse gematria of Bar Nafli is the same value as פקד יפקד , the secret words of redemption.

We even searched to see if Bar Nafli appears in code secretly in the Torah and were shocked to find that Bar Nafli appears with just one space separating each of its letters. It appears secretly in code in Ezra 10 (14) beginning with the 5th letter of the 21st word.

When the prophet Ezra returned to Israel he learned that there were Jewish men who had married non-Jewish women and had raised families with them. This meant that the children and future generations would not be Jewish. When Ezra heard that they did not keep Shabbos and ate non-kosher foods he did not cry. These sins were fixable and these men could begin to observe all of G-d’s commandments under the guidance of Ezra. But with respect to intermarriage Ezra cried exceedingly.

Many people think they are healthy until they see the look on the faces of their doctors. Children don’t realize they’ve done anything wrong until they see the faces of their parents. And these men didn’t think they did anything wrong until they saw the face of Ezra. It was then that they felt guilty and remorseful. They knew that G-d was angry with them.

In fact the actual words that Bar Nafli is coded in are: “the fierce wrath of G-d.” Only true tshuvah, can calm down the anger of G-d, and they were able to accomplish this with the leadership of Ezra.

And so, we have just mentioned that the name of Mashiach is Bar Nafli, his gematria is equal to King David, his atbash is equal to the secret words of redemption and his name appears in code where remorseful Jews underwent genuine tshuvah. So what does all this have to do with Sarah Palin?

Let’s look at the Hebrew spelling of Nafli נפלי . It’s nun, fay or pay, then a lamed, and a yud. The name Palin פלין is spelled in Hebrew with a fay or pay, then a lamed, a yud and a nun. You’ll notice that Nafli and Palin have the exact same 4 letters. Hashem has taken a virtual unknown person and placed that individual on the world stage. This person, Sarah Palin has unknowingly become a walking timeline. She is advertising the fact that Bar Nafli or Mashiach is about to appear since the discussion in the gemara dealt with when Mashiach would come. She is unwittingly telling the world that the Davidic dynasty will be restored shortly, and that we all must do genuine tshuvah right now. The tshuvah should resemble the example that Ezra described, that is with genuine remorse, tears and guilt.

We all are not perfect. We all know our faults and weaknesses, and we all know deep down inside that we have the strength to overcome our spiritual deficiencies and grow close to Hashem. Whenever we see or hear or read about Sarah Palin, we must remind ourselves of the need to improve ourselves and to overcome the temptations that our evil inclinations place before us. Tell this to your friends, neighbors and family. This has nothing to do with politics. This has everything to do with our spiritual and physical welfare.

We see that Nafli is connected to Palin, but what message do we get from the word Bar which precedes Nafli?

Bar בר is spelled bais, raish, which are 202 in value. This is the same as ויפן כה וכה which means, “He looked this way and that way.” When Moses saw an Egyptian man beating a Hebrew slave, he looked this way and that way, and then killed the Egyptian. This is from the Book of Exodus, 2(12). This verse does not mean that Moses looked to see if anyone was watching him. Rashi says that he looked into the future and saw that there would not be one single convert from all the Egyptian man’s descendants. Not one person would follow G-d’s ways nor perform His commandments. Moses was a prophet, the greatest that ever lived. Ezra was also a prophet. He too looked into the future and saw that not one of the non-Jewish wives would convert properly, and none of the millions of future descendants from these men would follow G-d’s ways and perform His commandments. None of these future children would know what Jewish life was all about. They would follow their mothers and worship lifeless gods. That’s when Ezra cried exceedingly. His bitter, powerful tears had such an effect on these men that they left their non-Jewish families and ran into the outstretched arms of Torah. So the full name of Mashiach, Bar Nafli, is powerful and filled with messages to us.

Before a woman gives birth, the pain is unbearable. During that time it’s hard for her to imagine just how close she is to bringing a new life into the world. This life will brighten her days and create a new world for her. Do not be sad or worried that the sun is beginning to set on 5768, for shortly a new world will be revealed, full of life, peace and closeness to G-d. Our worried faces of today will then be filled with happiness and joy.  Indeed, the sun might be setting, but the dawn of redemption is right behind. Soon our ears will hear the sounds of redemption and then our eyes will witness it. The tears that we’ll shed will be from our souls’ ultimate joy, and with our own lips we will sing a new song together, to praise G-d, a song never sung before. May we all be there together, as one Jew with one heart as the glow of redemption enters this world.

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Christopher Darren Horn said...

WoW! I just listened to someone talk about this 2 nights ago, very cool. I had never heard this before and now you post it on your blog!!!!!! Very, very cool. Everything, but the Sarah Palin part, but, just, wow!

Dov Bar-Leib said...

At first I found it laughable that Sarah Palin could have anything to do with the Final Redemption. But now half of America has accused her and found her guilty of shooting Rep. Giffords of Arizona. Her very life is being threatened. The impure half of America wants her removed from the world. Perhaps she has a big part in the Divine Plan after all.

America is so divided between half pure and half impure that at this point it might not last out the year. I have never seen such internecine hatred in my life. The end of the age may take some more time, but the end of America is nigh.

Devorah Chayah said...

Where do you get "half pure"? "Eisav soneh et Yaaqov." More like half one kind of impure and the other half a different kind of impure. Sarah Palin is a dominionist and the tea partiers are fascists. It's incredible to me how many Torah Jews don't have any problem with that.

We have nothing to do with the Red or the Blue, the Conservative or the Liberal, the Republican or the Democrat, Eisav or Yishmael. We stand alone. How much longer until you get that?

Dov Bar-Leib said...

The Reds (Republicans) are pure to the 33rd level of purity, for they serve G-d took make money. You are right that when doing the right thing comes in conflict with prosperity, America chose prosperity in almost every instance. Expelling the Cherokees from prime Georgia farmland in the 1830s is just one example. Only Israel has a national covenant to serve HaShem for its own sake. As far as gentile nations go though, America has no one that can top her in history.

The Democrats as a group starting with the McGovern Era seem to have fallen below all levels of purity. They are in the spiritual garbage. So take your pick: 33rd level of purity for the Republicans or below 0 for the Democrats. Given the lesser of two evils or the greater of two goods, the Republicans by and large, with exceptions noted, win hands down.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

By the way, as you know, I do not live there anymore. So when I vote for conservative Republicans, I am voting absentee. I see America's end coming precisely because of its hypocrisy. When the dollar collapses, a process that was accelerated with the Annapolis, let us stuff Palestine down your throat, Conference with 55 some odd nations ganging up on Israel, I will be here in EY not there. Bush's Annapolis Conference in Nov. 2007 was the last peg in a long laundary list of American decisions to keep its prosperity at the expense of the Truth. The conference was a Saudi idea, and to keep the price of oil down, Bush heartily agreed. Since the conference, America's annual Federal deficit has been at least one trillion dollars per year which is destroying the dollar. A great kitrug is now open in Heaven. If a people who are not really indigenous are to be given a nation in Eretz Yisrael, surely the truly indigenous nations in America should be given their nations back. Or America will simply lose its prosperity for selling out the Truth in order to gain it. But there are good people in America that will never lead it, precisely because they are not from Esau's spiritual seed. Palin is one of them.

Devorah Chayah said...

Dov Bar Leib, you say an awful lot which in the end amounts to almost nothing. Because America has a history of killing Jews with kindness instead of with ovens, that makes them righteous? A holocaust of assimilation has taken possibly as many as perished in Europe. America did nothing while European Jewry was being ravaged. They did not even fill their immigration quota from year to year and they sent the coast guard to make sure the St Louis did not get close enough to shore to allow any of the doomed passengers to jump and swim to the safety of American shores. They never admitted that they were passing information to Egypt about our troop movements in 1967, instead letting antisemitism boil away beneath the surface over our strafing of the USS Liberty. Look at the way they have treated Jonathan Pollard! The super-patriot Tea baggers are going to be the ones most up in arms when he is released from prison. You haven't seen any of them asking for justice for Pollard. And lest we forget, BOTH SIDES (you insist there is a difference, I do not buy it!) have been feeding and forcing the piece process since at least Jimmy Carter!! It is official US policy regardless of who is in office or who controls Congress that Jerusalem is not recognized as our capital and that nothing short of a two-state solution will be accepted by the US.

I disagree with you 100%. America, except for a handful of actual righteous gentiles who observe the Noahide laws, regardless of party affiliation, is Eisav/Edom/Rome and deserves to meet Eisav's well-earned end.

Devorah said...

See the connection between the fire in Israel and this shooting:

Dov Bar-Leib said...

To Devash: Is it America's fault that its Jewish citizens did not take advantage of being citizens in the freest country in world history to study more Torah and to do more mitzvot? I know the stories of Jews who worked all week but lost their jobs when they did not show up on Saturdays. But that was overcome eventually by Jews starting their own businesses and setting their own hours and rules as is their privilege in a free society. It is not the fault of the nation that grants freedom to its citizens if those Jews who are citizens use their freedoms to run away from Judaism. The Holocaust in America is self-perpetuated and not the fault of America for being a free society. This is probably why the 1/3 of world Jewry that died in the actual Holocaust have a reawakening with over 5.7 million Jews in Eretz Yisrael and growing yearly. The Jews in the self-perpetuated Holocaust basically made their own bad decisions and therefoe have left no legacy of perpetuating the Jewish people. It is a basic logical conclusion that as a Jew if you want to continue the Jewish people, one has to marry another Jew. One does not have to be a Halakhic scholar to figure this out. Therefore, these Jews who have intermarried or coverted to other faiths without investigating their own faith first have shmaded themselves, and the culpability lies with themselves alone. Period.
I lived most of my life in St. Louis, MO, which along with Cincinnati, OH , was and still is the most assimilationist city in America. I watched daily growing up and later on in adulthood how Jews shmaded themselves in order to be loved by their gentile neighbors. It was their choice, not mine. Nor is it America's fault.

As far as the SS St. Louis is concerned, you proved my point. F.D. Roosevelt was the most budget busting anti-Constitutional Progressive in American History. Even when it was shown that his New Deal did not bring America out of the Great Depression after 6 years of implementation, he persisted in his destructive course. Why Jews supported him is beyond me, but goes along way in explaining why their kids have shmaded themselves by the hundreds of thousands. In 1917, Jews were given a choice, Bolshevism or Judaism. The majority chose Bolshevism and its close relative, Democratic Socialism. They then proceeded to support Roosevelt who did nothing to change America's immigration law from 1924 which limited immigration from Eastern and Southern Europe. During WW2 Rav Michael Dov Bear Weissmandel tried to do more with his little pinky to save Jews from the Shoah than the entire liberal Jewish establishment. So any indictment of F.D. Roosevelt with regards to the SS St. Louis is probably correct.

More later. This response is long enough.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

I should quickly mention that in the first year that the Republicans gained control of both Houses of Congress for the first time in 40 years in 1995, Newt Gingrich and Company by overwhelming majorities in both Houses of Congress passed the veto proof Jerusalem Law mandating that the American Embassy be moved to Jerusalem at the soonest possible date and recognizing a united Jerusalem as Israel's eternal capital. Clinton did not veto it because it would surely have been overridden. It, therefore, became law ten days later. And ever since each President has refused to implement the law, citing Executive Privelege, that the day to day running of foreign policy is not in the hands of Congress. Therefore, they all have, every six months, said that they will carry out the law, but they will do it at their own discretion. But the fact is, the Law was passed by over 90% majorities in both houses of Congress.