Friday, October 12, 2012

Malchus Beis David - The Reign of Moshiach ben David Explained

Yishai Beckow's third book of audio recordings is called Malchus Beis David. It attempts to examine three issues:

 - what does the Written and Oral Torah tell us about the structures of Malchus Beis David, and what can we learn from this about how Moshiach Ben David's government will operate in Israel?

 - how is it possible to extrapolate from these levels of government and Torah sources on the government of Chutz La'Aretz, the area outside of Israel, under the renewed kingship of the House of David?

 -While Moshiach will be an absolute monarch, does this mean democracy is gone in Ge'ulah? What checks and balances are there in this time, and how does this whole operate to involve the average person in their world in this time? 

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Anonymous said...

The word "election" can not be found in the Torah, only the word "selection" or "choosing". The only time "majority rules and minority is preserved" applies is during Jewish laws(halacha) debate. The Nation of Israel is "good"(Genesis 2:12), "good" means "kosher", Israel only follows the Torah and Talmud, nothing else. BTW, the 7th millennium or the 3rd Jewish Temple era is already ordained in the Torah(Genesis 2:10-14), also according to Rabbi Dov Bar-Leib's website, the governmental system is as following:

1)Israel: Kingship Monarchy (the "gold")
2)China: One party system (the "crystal and the onyx stone")
3)USA: Two parties system (the "oil" in the Middle East)
4)The rest of the world(owned by USA): more than three parties system


Chana @ Lemon Lime Moon said...

Thanks for this link!

Devorah said...

You're welcome!